In 2022, Sunshine Rose Claymore is a teacher in Earth Activist Training’s Permaculture Design Certificate course, coordinator of our Regenerative Land Management diploma, and a frequent guest teacher for everyone lucky enough to learn from them.

By Sunshine Rose Claymore

In order for change to effect the greater world we must begin with ourselves and immediate surroundings.

As an environmentalist, I began my Earth Activist Training experience with a Diversity Scholarship to the Sacred Earth Apprenticeship which gave me a solid foundation for personal goal setting while encouraging more ritual in larger groups. This allowed an opportunity for me to align with a broader goal of mine, taking the Permaculture Design Certificate course.

The relationships that began to grow through these trainings greatly influenced my last two years. I have helped build multiple healing gardens for loved ones since the course.

In the summer of 2018, I served as the permaculture lead for our Summer Solstice Celebration of Life held on Standing Rock Nation. It was my responsibility to help identify, select, and design for the planting of hundreds of trees to be added to the 10-year-old orchard planted at the Medicine Wheel Living Park. Almost half of our volunteers were other Earth Activist Training students, who traveled across the country to help plant these trees, as well as our three sisters mounds in community gardens outside the elderly housing complex. My friends and I also led a cob-stomp-and-build workshop that resulted in a straw-insulated pallet playhouse for the youth to enjoy.

I additionally took Earth Activist Training’s Permaculture Teachers Training for Women with Pandora Thomas. During this training, I was taught deeper educational methods and learning styles while focusing on the dynamics of cultural diversity in a group setting.

This last year, I have chosen to take the Regenerative Land Management diploma program to use learning intensives and mentorships as a foundation for setting up on own home site. Already I have felt more confident with experience while building my portfolio to help prepare to offer more restoration work in the future.

Through these Earth Activist Trainings I continue to connect with a worldwide network of alliances with others, bringing awareness to ways we can work together while protecting and preserving our precious planet. 

[Earth Activist Training is honored to welcome Sunshine as one of our January 2020 PDC Student Teachers]

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