Permaculture design with a grounding in spirit

and a focus on organizing and activism



We link those who are creating positive alternatives for the future with those who are actively working for political change. 


Earth Activist Training has a special interest in  Social Permaculture: the application of ecological principles to designing beneficial human relations.



We are fundamentally committed to sharing these skills and tools with the communities most impacted by injustice.


To bring the knowledge and resources of regenerative ecological design to communities with the greatest needs and fewest resources.

To teach visionary and practical solutions and personal sustainability to social change activists, and to teach practical skills, organizing, and activism to visionaries.

To cross-pollinate the political, environmental, and spiritual movements that seek peace, justice, and resilience.



Our story began with questions – 

Earth Activist Training began in late 2000 when author and activist, Starhawk, and permaculture designer and master teacher, Penny Livingston-Stark, asked some new questions:

“What can permaculturalists and activists learn from each other that would make each more effective?”

“What skills do people need to know in order to really ‘save the planet’? How can we teach these skills in ways that ripple out to others?”

Penny and Starhawk combined their many years of knowledge and created the first Earth Activist Training, held the following spring in 2001.


Our course graduates have gone on to projects around the world:

  • Starting  intentional communities
  • Carrying out bioremediation in flood damaged New Orleans
  • Creating urban community gardens
  • Launching permaculture encampments for major mobilizations
  • Restoring watersheds and habitats
  • Organizing campaigns against forest clearcutting and GMOs
  • Setting up teaching programs and community centers
  • And many other important projects


  • Starhawk, Founder, Executive Director, and lead teacher
  • Charles Williams, Program Director and lead teacher 


What is Permaculture?

Ready to learn more?

Please visit our “What Is Permaculture” page. 


We are:

    • Young people looking for a career oriented around sustainability
    • People in mid-life looking for a new direction
    • Established professionals wanting to broaden and deepen their knowledge of sustainable alternatives
    • Retirees wanting new fields to explore
    • Teachers, environmental educators, and youth workers
    • Anyone involved in gardening, especially school gardens and community gardens
    • Architects and landscape designers
    • People involved with intentional communities, co-housing and ecovillages, or those who want to start or join one
    • Gardeners, farmers, ranchers, and land stewards of all kinds
    • Green business entrepreneurs who want to have a broader understanding of the possibilities
    • Artists, musicians, poets, writers and dancers, and anyone who collaborates creatively
    • Community organizers and activists from many movements, including environmental justice, food justice, global justice, anti-oppression, human rights workers, and others
    • Dreamers, visionaries, and more


positive solutions

Permaculture has many tools to address the problems of climate change and environmental degradation, and our courses focus on solutions and positive approaches to the grave problems which confront us today.

hands-on LEARNING

We believe learning should be interactive, participatory and experiential, so our courses include many hands-on projects, games, songs, exercises, discussions, and rituals as well as classroom time.

experienced teachers

Our teachers are deeply involved in organizing around climate change,        anti-racism, and social justice, as well as environmental issues.  We work with the Black Permaculture Network, and cowrote the solidarity statement that is on their website. We were instrumental in organizing the Permaculture Climate Change Solutions group with an international scope.


Check out the full schedule to find out when our programs and events are taking place.

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