Food Forest & Forest Ecology

Come learn with us how to design and build food forests for your family, farm, and community. This advanced permaculture course focuses on forestry, social forestry, and food forests. During this six week class, you will learn about rural and urban forest ecology and management, how to design and maintain food forests, and the role […]

$400 – $600

Regenerative Business Design

In today’s changing world, our planet is calling for businesses to follow Earth-based ethics, principles, and ecological design processes– also known as permaculture! Regenerative Business Design will guide you through a step-by-step process to build a business that can sustain you financially while staying true to your core values. To learn more, please visit the […]


Empowering Collaborative Groups

In this six-week online course, Starhawk guides us through her book The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, to explore how to share power fairly, mediate conflicts, improve communication, and envision a shared mission. To learn more, please visit the Empowering Collaborative Groups webpage or register below. Register Now

$210 – $400

Permaculture for Climate Activists

This course is designed to give you hope, resources, and direction to support and deepen your work. Climate change is upon us—and we can easily feel overwhelmed and hopeless when we consider the changes we need to make in response. But when we confront enormous challenges, we are most effective when we know what we […]

by donation

Bioremediation & Earth Repair

Come learn with us how to heal land and water This class will provide an introduction to different bioremediation tools and techniques for detoxifying and revitalizing the gardens, lands and waters that sustain and nourish our communities, highlighting bioremediation projects and inspiring practitioners who are working with regenerative remedies to heal toxic realities. To learn […]

$400 – $600
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