A Project of Earth Activist Training’s Regenerative Land Management Program

February 22-March 2

Instructors: Starhawk and Guest Teachers, including Erik Ohlsen of Permaculture Action Network

Cost: Sliding scale $900-$1200 [Early Bird Special ~ Sign up by January 1 ]

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Work trade and diversity scholarships available- register here

Join Mother Earth’s restoration team! Come learn about fire ecology in Northern California’s Oak Savannahs and Chapparal.

  • You’ll gain hands-on experience as well as theoretical knowledge of how we can plan for climate change and it’s impacts, including fire, make our homes and land more fire-resilient, and aid the land’s recovery after fire.
  • You’ll learn carbon-sequestering strategies for soil, water management, forestry and food growing.
  • As well, you’ll gain experience in community organizing, design, planning, project management and team leadership.

The ten-day course includes one week of instruction at New Paradigms University in Lucerne, Lake County, that culminates in a weekend restoration eco-blitz on a community project that will engage the larger community.  It ends with a final day of cleanup, evaluation, and celebration.

Since 2015, 80% of Lake County has burned in California’s devastating wildfires.  Lake County has below-average income and above-average unemployment—but it also has a strong, committed community who love their land and are determined to make it a model of resilient adaptation to the new climate realities.  By partnering with many community organizations there, Earth Activist Training hopes to create a model of training and action that can provide on-the-ground, practical help and mitigation, education and inspiration.

NOTE:: This course can be taken as a stand-alone course, or as fulfillment of one of the requirements in the Regenerative Land Management long-term training program. 

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