Please help us train the next earth healers!

Why donate to Earth Activist Training? Because in our work over the past 15 years in regenerating land and community, organizing for justice, and building beneficial relationships, we have focused on providing Diversity Scholarships for people of color working in environmental and social justice.

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What will they do with this training? Our students are growing food in urban farms in Baltimore, teaching inner-city kids in Indiana, organizing a permaculture gathering at Standing Rock.  They’ve brought permaculture to global justice mobilizations and set up graywater treatment at Occupy camps, provided bioremediation after Hurricane Katrina and trained designers and teachers at a suburban farm in the SF Bay Area, worked to empower girls and young women who live in public housing, and so much more!

In the last several years, our work on increasing diversity and bringing the skills and tools of permaculture to leaders in impacted communities bore fruit. We had some of the most diverse courses ever. Our January 2015 course was the first to provide interpreters for Deaf students, and our amazing students will be ambassadors in the permaculture world for Deaf access and consideration of disabilities. In addition, we had members of our local Pomo and Miwok tribes that began our program with traditional dances and participated in the learning. We’ve had students of African-American, Native American, Latino, Asian, South Asian backgrounds, many LBGT students, youth, elderly, and disabled students who work in a wide variety of settings and organizations—from community gardens in Baltimore to organizational consulting and academia. We expect a huge ripple effect.

At the North American Permaculture Convergence in Hopland, CA over the last three years, we were proud to note how much more diverse the participants, speakers and presenters were—and how many of them had come through an Earth Activist Training. We believe we are truly making an impact on the permaculture movement as a whole.

But simply bringing together a diverse group is not enough.  Teachers, facilitators and venue providers need to know how to create a truly welcoming environment, how to handle conflicts when they arise, and how to move the group past divisions into deeper learning.  Our skills and those of our mentees continue to grow and deepen, and through increasing our mentorship capacity with our new Social Fellowship program, we hope to find ways to train others in these crucial capacities.

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Yes, the times are challenging…and that beautiful world of justice seems to be receding before us.  But the world is also full of people quietly doing their best—healing, planting, teaching, organizing, regenerating, and taking action to make the crucial changes we need.  Thank you so much for doing your part—and for supporting ours!


P.S. Please, share this letter with your friends and social networks. And, come take one of our programs yourself:  one of our two-week permaculture design certificate courses, our Sacred Earth intensive, or perhaps a Social Permaculture training next year.

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