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Earth Activist Training (EAT) is grateful for the passionate support and generosity of our network. Our growth and strength is only possible with the hard work of our dedicated community. Together we are building hope and resilience for a more regenerative world.

All donations are used to support our core value of decolonizing permaculture by increasing access to Earth Activist Training’s courses and amplifying the work and voices of Indigenous People and People of Color working in food and environmental justice.

Diversity Scholarships

Our trainings change lives and open new career paths

Please support Earth Activist Training’s Diversity Scholarship Fund. 

Earth Activist Training’s Diversity Scholarship Program is proud to support people running programs such as:

  • At Standing Rock Reserve, developing a school surrounded by a garden of traditional foods and
    healing herbs, where students can learn immersed in nature…
  • A Black-owned farm in urban Sacramento where inner-city kids can learn to grow and eat
    healthy food…
  • A model permaculture farm in the hills of Jamaica…
  • A fruit-tree planting program in California schools…
  • A food-sharing program in Baltimore churches that supports Black farmers and local seniors…
  • A permaculture garden helping to feed an encampment to block an oil pipeline with nonviolent direct action.

Over the past year (2022) we’ve been able to give 47 full and partial scholarship for our courses, with a value of close to $50,000.

Shout Out for EAT!

Earth Activist Training has been a game changer for my community in Jamaica.

We are practicing permaculture principles in action on our farm.   With essential tools we are cultivating resilience with women and LGBTQI+ survivors to immerse into many aspects of healing justice. Earth activist training has offered us new language with a lens to cultivate resilience by our core team learning together about our climate, soil, water, forest, farming, and so much more.

We have each been focusing on different aspects of our farm design and growing forward in awareness that brings us so much closer to embodying healing justice through food security, regenerative farming, climate mitigation and adaptations that are reachable and teachable to our youngest members.

Thanks to a rigorous curriculum  Starhawk, Charles and their teaching team helped our team translate many unique problems into solutions.  Having a program that honors and practices reparations ties into our vision for a safe haven for women and LGBTQI+ survivors in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

We are clearer than ever that our mission to build permaculture into all of our programs will take root in Jamaica and the Caribbean in 2023 and  beyond, thanks to Earth Activist Training’s mission!

Afia Walking Tree

Principal Steward, Solidarity Farms Jamaica Raise Yuh Voice Jamaica

Earth Activist Training has brought back macrocosm and microcosm remembrance of the cycles to our tropical Nations. We have been able to utilize the soil by diversifying the soil food web which has created healthier foods for our communities thanks to Earth Activist Training. Earth Activist Training has given us the education to use myco, bio, and phytoremediation to restore our waters and soils as well as more achievable tools to water harvest. Our infrastructure has improved thanks to the education Earth Activist Training has provided. There is hope restored because of Earth Activist Training course offerings. We are now able to teach one another how to live in cyclic harmony with regenerative future for our planet with all beings

Kristí Broadhead-Ngäbe Buglé

Traditional Birth Keeper, Ethnobotanist, Indigenous Sustainable Food Sovereignty Designer, Seed to Table Chef, Reproductive Justice Activist-Moku o Keawe

Coming from an urban farm background, it’s amazing how people who work with the land take no time to acknowledge the elements, cosmos or give thanks for the earth’s abundance.

Earth Activist Trainings incorporate both the practical aspects of land stewardship as well as the rituals which give the work meaning.  Also, it bridges the gap between mother nature and human nature which are more alike than we’ve been led to believe.

Altogether, taking classes with Earth Activist Training has given me tools to use personally & to bring back into my community so that they can become Earth Activists as well

Chanowk Yisrael

Co-Founder, Yisreal Family Farm

Afghan Campaign

Please click here to support Earth Activist Training’s Emergency Fund for Afghan Relief. 

As of December 2022, we are $40,000 toward our goal of $55,000  to support our Afghan friends reach safety in Canada. Please give generously – all donations are appreciated.

* Canadian donors, please direct your donations here.

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