Permaculture Design Certificate Course with Starhawk & Friends @ Earth Activists Online
Jul 21 @ 6:00 pm – Oct 27 @ 8:00 pm
Learn how to design human systems that mimic natural systems, using a minimum of energy and resources and creating real abundance and social justice. We will cover principles and ethics, reading the landscape, how to heal soil and cleanse water, design integrated systems, harvest water, drought-proof land, build soil, sequester carbon, make compost, compost tea, and biochar, bio-remediate toxins, and more. Explore the solutions to climate change, and the strategies and organizing tools that can put them into place.
Join Starhawk, Charles Williams and an all star cast for Earth Activist Training’s FIRST fully online Permaculture Design Certificate Course. We have been teaching this course for 20 years and now are adapting our teaching skills to the needs of the moment. We are excited to share with our global Earth Activist friends, family, and new community!
A Special Invitation to the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Community: ASL interpretation is available for our live sessions to support Deaf students. All sessions and recorded materials will also have closed captioning or transcripts.
Students who complete the course requirement receive a Permaculture Design Certificate, recognized by PINA (Permaculture Institute of North America). 
LIVE CLASS: Tuesdays 6:00-8:00 PM Pacific starting July 21st. Classes will shorten to 90 minutes starting August. Registration below.
What Makes EAT Different?
There are many great permaculture design certificate courses offered around the globe, that teach an  standard 72 hour curriculum covering the basics of regenerative system design.  Earth Activist Training teaches this curriculum—but with a difference.  We ground our work in spirit, to further your personal resilience, and teach with a perspective rooted in social justice struggles and with a focus on organizing and activism.
A Sampling of Topics Covered: plant guilds, food forests, edible landscaping, plants, animals, natural building, design, earth, water, climate, energy, spirit, social permaculture, organizing & activism.
  •     Permaculture Principles, Ethics and Design Process
  •     Climate Change Strategies for Mitigation and Adaptation
  •     Water Systems, Water Harvesting, Roof Water Catchment
  •     Graywater and Blackwater Treatment
  •     Bioremediation
  •     Soil Building
  •     Compost, Compost teas, Cover crops, No-till systems
  •     Plant Guilds and Perennials
  •     Agroforestry and Food Forests
  •     Animal Systems
  •     Grasslands and Grazing Systems
  •     Carbon Farming and Ranching
  •     Urban Permaculture
  •     Eco-villages and Intentional Communities
  •     Alternative and Renewable Energy: Evaluating and Designing Systems
  •     Active and Passive Solar
  •     Organizing in Diverse Communities
  •     Personal Regeneration and Self-Care
  •     Group Dynamics
  •     Communication Tools
  •     Campaign Planning and Organizing
  •     Connecting to the Spirit in Nature
  •     Creating Ritual and Ceremony

Our students include:

    • Community organizers and activists from many movements, including environmental justice, food justice, global justice, anti-oppression, human rights workers, and others
    • Green business entrepreneurs who want to have a broader understanding of the possibilities
    • Established professionals wanting to broaden and deepen their knowledge of sustainable alternatives
    • Teachers, environmental educators, and youth workers
    • Gardeners, farmers, ranchers, and land stewards of all kinds
    • Anyone involved in gardening, especially school gardens and community gardens
    • Young people looking for a career oriented around sustainability
    • People in mid-life looking for a new direction for existing or new work
    • Retirees wanting new fields to explore
    • People involved with intentional communities, co-housing and Eco-villages, or those who want to start or join one
    • Architects and landscape designers
    • Artists, musicians, poets, writers and dancers, and anyone who collaborates creatively
    • Dreamers, visionaries, and more…

What You’ll Get

  • 72 Hour Permaculture Design Certificate recognized by the Permaculture Institute of North America (PINA)
  • 15 Live, interactive 2 hour sessions with Starhawk, Charles Williams & other talented guest teachers. All live classes recorded for viewing in a time that works for you.
    • (NOTE: Participants need to attend 80% of live sessions to receive the certificate)
  • Digital materials, readings and exercises to guide your home practice. Downloadable for convenience.
  • Ongoing support through the course from our teaching assistants Malik Coburn and Sunshine Rose Claymore.
  • Membership in our private online training community where you can connect, share, and learn with others in the course.
  • Community engagement with Starhawk and our EAT teaching team via the Earth Activists Online virtual classroom.
  • Participants will complete a permaculture design project and get individualized feedback
+ Weekly Assignments & Hands-on projects will vary but may include mapping, water harvesting structures, graywater or roof catchment, compost, compost teas, sheet mulch, plant propagation, planting trees and shrubs, seed-starting, introductions to natural building concepts (including cob, straw-clay or plastering) and a collaborative design project. We understand these will be dependent on your ability to have access to the resources needed to perform them. Projects can be tailored to students of varied levels of physical ability, access and diverse ages. If you have any questions regarding your ability to meet any of the Permaculture Design Certificate requirements, please contact our support team:

Course Structure & Schedule: 

Our Zoom sessions will take place on Tuesdays beginning July 21st through November 2nd, 6:00-7:30pm Pacific Time. All live classes will be recorded for viewing at a time. The live sessions will include interactive exercises that will help you apply your learning in a hands-on way. Each week you will also be assigned 2-3 hrs of homework and/ or hands-on projects to complete your 72 hour certification. MEETING CLASS REQUIREMENTS:  Completing the full list of assigned projects/ homework and attending classes are required to complete your 72 hr certificate. Students must attend 80% of LIVE Classes. If this is in the middle of the night for your timezone – we can arrange a video replay check in to ensure of attendance. *If meeting these requirements is going to be an issue but you still wish to attend this training, please contact our support team to find a solution:

Internationally Certified Program

Earth Activist Training offers our Permaculture Design Certificate in association with the Permaculture Institute of North America. Each student who officially completes the required coursework will receive a Permaculture Design Certificate which will be registered with PINA. Want to learn more? Check out the introduction webinar we hosted 7/7

***WAITING LIST***: Thank you for the overwhelming interest. We have closed our doors for this first online cohort. If you missed signing up – please email us to get on the waiting list. *****

We are offering this course on a sliding scale from resilient tuition for $600 up to abundant tuition for $800. We want to make this course as accessible as possible so our aim is to meet you where you are at. If you are able to pay the full tuition of $800 – your additional pay will support our Diversity Scholarship Program.
Reach out to our team with any questions, comments, or concerns:
Politics & Apple Pie | Free Webinar with Carin McKay & Starhawk
Sep 23 @ 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm

Cooking and feeding people is a form of magic—and magic is spiritual nourishment!  It’s Apple season now; the Fall Equinox is rapidly approaching as are the elections, and what is more American than apple pie? Join us for a free live Webinar:  Politics and Apple Pie, hosted by Chef Carin McKay and Starhawk. 

We’ll focus our magical intention toward the coming elections, toward healing and nourishing our country, while baking a fabulously tasty apple pie!  It’s the perfect dessert to share with a group of friends as you research candidates and propositions and get those ballots filled out early—and even if we have to do it virtually this year, pie is still pie!  

Sign up early, as we’ll be sending you a prep list and video ahead of time!  

Register for this FREE Event

DATE: Wednesday September 23rd

Time: 5:30-7pm Pacific

Register for link to join Live Event…After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

We are excited to offer this Webinar as an introduction to Carin’s brand new upcoming October EAT course called Culinary Magic~ Stay tuned for registration opening soon

ABOUT OUR HOST: Carin McKay has been creating Culinary Magic and building community  for over 25 years. She has cooked hundreds of thousands of meals in incredible locations throughout California including the Earth Activist Training.  Growing up in Northern California, Carin was immersed in local and seasonal  cooking and meshes this with her world travels that have influenced her style.  Carin brings the philosophy that the health and well-being of the cook is as important to the outcome of the meal itself. She teaches cooking as a powerful act of connecting us to our ancestors, our communities,  ourselves, and nature.

What Is “Culinary Magic”? It’s food for the soul and spirit, attuned to the sun and moon, cooked with intention, skill, and love!  In this three part cooking series, chef and cookbook author Carin McKay will introduce us to seasonal cooking, show us how to hone a vision and set an intention prior to preparing a meal, and teach us key skills for making our food both nourishing and tasty!  Each week there will include a prep list, assignments, a supplemental video and other culinary adventures along with a live web class in which we cook together.  In the final class we will have a live dinner party/ritual enjoying the meal we have made together.


Regenerative Business Design 2.0 @ Earth Activists Online
Sep 28 @ 5:00 pm – Nov 16 @ 6:30 pm

Design and launch a thriving, mission-based business built upon a regenerative/ecological design framework.

Are you ready to build a successful business that cares for the earth and people too?  

In today’s changing world, our planet is calling for businesses to follow earth-based ethics, principles, and ecological design processes– also known as permaculture! Regenerative Business Design will guide you through a step by step process to build a business that  can sustain you financially  while staying  true to your core values. What do you need to know, consider, and plan for in order to launch a business that will have a high likelihood of success and a plan for handling failures and hurdles?

Join Patty Love, Earth Activist Training PDC Graduate and Co-teacher and Certified Permaculture Teacher, for this eight-week online course that will help answer this question. In this course, Patty weaves together her decade of permaculture study and practice with her formal education in Business and 20 years of successful self-employment.

Your full participation in this course, which includes completion of homework between classes and utilization of the tools offered, will produce an actionable, triple bottom line business plan that will be ready for you to launch. 

What Is Regenerative Business Design?

The basis of a regenerative business design is a plan that successfully balances a triple bottom line: people, profit and the planet. This powerful training will guide you through the steps to formulate a successful plan that will prepare your business to withstand change, duress, and a transforming global economy.


Who this class is for:

  • Anyone who is ready to start a business based on the triple bottom line: people, profit & the planet!
  • Earth Activists with skills in land management, leadership, or other fields who want to carve their own employment path as an entrepreneur
  • Employees who are ready to step away from their current work and pursue their passions through self-employment
  • Artists, creators, herbalists, and crafters who want to turn their hobby or second income into a business
  • Self-employed business owners who need to regenerate their plan and get clearer with intention

What You’ll Get From Regenerative Business Design

  • Certificate of Completion issued when all homework, tasks, and lessons are finished
  • Access to exclusive content, designed specifically for this Training including:
  • 8 Weeks of 90 minute Live Sessions with guidance, support, feedback, and break out sessions Pre-recorded videos
  • Exercises and Worksheets to match the content
  • Connection and Community via a private Earth Activists Online Training
  • A clear explanation of these key business concepts:
    • Regenerative Business Design Process
    • Mission, Vision, Values, and Goal Setting
    • SWOT Analysis
    • The pluses and minuses of various legal structures
    • Possible Organizational Structures
    • Setting up Operations
    • Marketing and Communications Planning
    • Grants and other funding sources
    • Financial Statements – What they are and creating them
    • Writing a Business Plan
    • Developing a Business Review Cycle
    • Creating a Plan of Work and Next Steps
  • Tools to develop a regenerative business design community to co-create dreams!
  • The information you need to write a business plan.
  • Support to make better, more well-informed business & life decisions with all of your new knowledge. (to be activated by you 😉

Completion of this course will result in a Certificate of Completion in Regenerative Business Design

BONUS:: This certificate fulfills credentials required to complete our Advanced Permaculture Design diploma program in Regenerative Land Management. Curriculum updates and next course announcements coming soon!


Course Dates: Monday September 28 – November 16th // 5:00-6:30 PM Pacific

Course Tuition: $111

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Apply for a Diversity Scholarship or remote work trade


Patty Love is a perpetually curious Earth Activist Certified Permaculture Teacher and Designer and suburban homesteader in occupied Haudenosaunee territory…

in the Genesee River Valley (now known as Rochester, NY). She studies and practices regenerative design, permaculture, edible forest gardening, and social permaculture. She is the founder of Barefoot Edible Landscape & Permaculture, Rochester Permaculture Center, and the Lots of Food Program. She also applies Regenerative Design to create thriving businesses at Barefoot Business Consulting & Systems Design. Websites: |

A Message from your Teacher:

I designed this Training with the idea that…many people dream of starting their own business without even knowing if they have the personality to be an entrepreneur and without knowing how to get starting creating a viable business and business plan.️ And with the unknown journey through the COVID-19 Pandemic, a shaken economy, and a continually changing climate, how we spend our time and energy is more important than ever.


Watch the Introduction Webinar to Learn More

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