Permaculture Design Certificate Course, February-May 2022


Fire, Forests, & Animal Allies

Earth Activist Training’s Restoration Intensive is an in depth hands on course teaching practical land restoration skills. This years intensive will be focusing on fire resilient landscapes, erosion and stream restoration and integrating livestock as an element of restoration.



Typical Daily Schedule

7:30-9:00 am Breakfast
9-9:30—Morning circle
9:30-12:30—Morning session
2:00-4:30—Afternoon session:
7:30—10 pm Evening session



We firmly believe that everyone can benefit from learning how to apply  the tools and insights of permaculture toward the broad goal of earth regeneration. This course is for anyone who is looking to build practical land based skills in earth healing.  There is a place for everyone no matter your physical ability, background or cultural narrative about who can do this work.


We follow all current, local health and CDC guidelines regarding vaccination, testing and masking. Due to the rapidly changing nature of COVID-19 we ask that all participants abide by the conditions set by teachers and staff. Currently, there are no requirements for masks or vaccines


We are here for you. Please reach out at:


Going  beyond theory!

This advanced hands-on permaculture course teaches

practical restoration tools and techniques

Do you feel called as an Earth Healer? This course is for you. 

There’s a quiet revolution going on in the woods, of communities banding together to take responsibility for their forests and grasslands and create more safety and resilience in the face of climate-intensified wildfire.  This ten-day intensive will immerse you in one such community, focusing on deep listening to the land, hands-on skills for land restoration and practical tools to mitigate the impacts of climate change. 

We’ll gain experience with many aspects of forest and grassland management—understanding fire ecology, assessing the forest and fire danger, thinning, pruning, limbing up and creating shaded fuel breaks, pile burns, prescribed burns (weather permitting), working with government and other local agencies, making biochar, inoculating mushrooms, and creating other value-added products from the woods. 

Grazing can be one of our key tools for fire prevention and grassland regeneration when done right. In our animal care segments, we’ll have a chance to work with sheep, goats, cows, poultry and live-stock guardian and herding dogs, learning animal care, psychology and training, fencing, herding, and other aspects of humane care. 


Earth Activist Training teaches permaculture—ecological design—with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing and activism.  We have a strong commitment to social justice, equity and radical inclusion, and these values shape everything we do. Our practical skills are always taught in a context of deep listening, wonder and reverence for nature, and we include ritual, meditation and respect for the natural world as a core part of what we do.

Responding to climate change is not something we can do alone, and wildfire doesn’t stop at your property line.  Community organizing is one of the key regenerative strategies.  So the culmination of our time together will be a community action day we organize and present, where we can share some of our new tools with the larger community and celebrate our progress toward resilience.


This intensive will have two tracks: a Welcome Track for those who are taking this as a stand-alone course and a Leadership Track for those who are taking this as part of our long-term Regenerative Land Management Program(RLM).  Our RLM students will have opportunities to take leadership on group projects and present tools and information during our Community Action Day.

The practical tools are important—but to apply them in a healing way we need both scientific knowledge and guidance from the land itself.  So each day will involve time for ritual, meditation, and listening to help us open our ears and hearts to what nature is telling us.

This Course Is For You If:

  • You feel anguish or despair about the climate and the state of the environment, and want to renew your spirit while learning positive solutions and practical skills.
  • You want some time outside of the city in a beautiful environment with good food, great people, and a chance to learn new skills.
  • You think you’d like to live on the land—but you aren’t sure, and want to try it out for a time.
  • You live on the land—or hope to some day—and want to learn skills to regenerate it and protect it from devastating wildfire.
  • You’ve learned the theory and taken lots of online courses during Covid—and now you want the practical experience. 
  • You want to work with animals to help heal the landscape.
  • You want to improve your skills at animal management.
  • You want a career in caring for the environment, forestry, fire protection or a related field.
  • You want a career in nature education or to incorporate more nature awareness into teaching other subjects..
  • You are a climate activist who fears getting burned out—and want the tools to make a positive impact.
  • You want to learn practical skills in a context that honors the spirit.
  • You love nature—and want to do something about it.



Please reach out to our Student Support Team at:


Restoration Curriculum

Day 1 – Arrive

  • Dinner, welcome, orientation and introductions

Day 2 – Fire prevention and Forestry

  • Morning: Join in community work day—thinning, pruning, limbing up, creating shaded fuel breaks and pile burns.
  • Afternoon: Tour of Golden Rabbit Ranch—Starhawk’s ranch.
  • Evening: Forest Ecology and Fire.

Day 3 – Forestry Techniques

  • Morning: Timber cruising, thinning and pruning, and laying out a transect—citizen science
  • Afternoon: Hands-on—trellises, fencing, value added projects, and mushrooms
  • Evening: Forest management

Day 4 – Animals

  • Morning/Afternoon: Goats and sheep- uses, care, history, and training. This includes hands on hoof trimming, lead training, and other care.
  • Evening: Story telling

Day 5 – Dogs on the homestead and Burn Prep

  • Morning: Prep for prescribed burn
  • Afternoon: Dogs – uses, care, history, and training. This includes herding, hands on grooming and training, and learning how to do vaccinations, treat minor injuries and other basic health care
  • Evening. Slideshow: mushrooms and biochar

Day 6 – Prescribed Burn

  • Morning/Afternoon: Prescribed burn
  • Evening: Bonfire and celebration

Day 7 – Biochar and Livestock

  • Morning: Biochar, TLUD and pit methods
  • Afternoon: Animals/ cows and pigs – uses, care, history, training. This includes hands on grooming, halter and fence training for cows, and pig training,
  • Evening: Begin prep for community day

Day 8- Small Animals

  • Morning: Small animals/poultry and rabbits – uses, care, history, training
  • Afternoon: Hands on working with poultry, rabbit butchering and prep for community day
  • Evening: Continue prep for community day

Day 9- Community Day

  • All Day: Community work day and presentations/demonstrations, student led all day celebration

Day 10- Closing

  • Evaluation and reflections
  • Learning
  • Next steps
  • Closing and leaving


Social Permaculture = RESILIENCE 

Social permaculture is the Earth Activist Training difference. It teaches us how to organize our human communities, resolve conflicts, make decisions, and work together effectively to maintain our spirits.

We are continuously looking to enhance our current online trainings with the magic of our in person gatherings which are taught interactively including songs, ceremony, and a variety of practical, hands-on, outdoor projects.

Our Network



  • Groups of 2-5 people – Discount of $300 off each Standard tuition ($1900 total for each person)
  • Cohort of 6-10 people – Discount of $400 off each Standard ($1800 per person)
  • Must register together and indicate that you are a cohort


    • We offer sliding scale tuition and payment plans to make our courses as accessible as possible 
    • Abundant Tuition: $2,400
    • Standard Tuition: $2,200
    • Resilient Tuition: $2,000
    • Work Trade Tuition $1,100 (limited spaces)
    • Alumni Tuition: $1,100 to retake this course if you have already taken it before
    • All amounts are in US dollars

    Every Abundant Tuition helps support a Diversity Scholarship.


      • Our goal is to increase accessibility for our trainings
      • We offer  a five-part payment plan
        • Initial deposit of $1000 and
        • Four monthly installments of $300 ($2,200 total).
      • Our Student Support Team will assist you in setting up this process


      A limited amount of work trade is available. Work traders are generally expected to come several days early and/or stay late. The work involves preparing materials and sites for hands-on projects and other land-based work. Some work is also expected during the course, which might include kitchen help, breakfast prep, organizing tools and materials or other activities.

      We are always here to help:


      • Earth Activist Training is committed to increasing the diversity of global permaculture and regenerative land movements
      • We recognize the history of this land called the United States and Canada and seek to do what we can to rectify the deep injustices and systems of inequity that formed and continue to shape society today

        Supported by your donations, a select number of pay-what-you-can Diversity Scholarships are available for Indigenous Peoples and Peoples of Color working in environmental and food justice.
      • These scholarships are pay-what-you-can with the recommended value of 50% of standard tuition ($1100), but any amount will be accepted and appreciated


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