Climate Change Resources and Solutions

What are the policies we really need to deal with climate change? You’ll find them here in Starhawk’s Climate Change Primer! It’s a quick overview of the issues, vocabulary, pros and cons of the spectrum of real solutions. No single technology will make the necessary changes—we need a mosaic of varied approaches.

It is also a compendium of permaculture techniques; much of what’s listed here is what we teach in our Earth Activist Training PDC courses.

Kirty Who is it useful for? You, if you want to:

  • Better understand the issue.
  • Know what the solutions are and how they work together.
  • Know what policies to press your local, state and national politicians to implement.
  • Know what policies to implement if you are one of the above.
  • Know what kind of things to invest your money in if you still have some left.
  • Know what kinds of careers to pursue or subjects to study.
  • Save the world.

You are welcome to download it for free, but we deeply appreciate donations to Earth Activist Training’s Diversity Scholarship fund, which we use to support the attendance of people of color working in environmental, food and social justice movements. Suggested donation for the download is $15. Your support will help us continue to train people to implement these solutions.

In these chaotic economic times, it’s harder than ever to find the funds to offer these courses and make them accessible—but it’s more vital than ever to share these skills. So please help out with whatever you can spare.

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Download Starhawk’s Climate Change Primer (pdf format, 105k)