Earth Activist Training is proud to introduce…

The tale of our new GIFTED website. A deep heartfelt THANK YOU to Jason Guille for seeing and supporting our vision! Your dedication to the planet and assisting those who do this regenerative land work is so powerful. We are honored to activate this new portal to help us continue to do our work in the modern age.

A big second Thank you to Niki Campbell for her work in designing and activating this dream into reality! On top of an awesome design job- she also lent support to EAT’s admin team to teach them how to self manage our platform.

Earth Activist Training is grateful to them both! Discover more about Jason’s mission and our design Niki below:

You likely know that I seek to amplify work that creates a just & regenerative world. There are SO many people doing amazing, cutting edge work… and MANY of these folks could use some extra help having their efforts & creations be known, visible and accessible to the wider world.

One such example is my friend Starhawk, who for many decades has been at the forefront of learning and sharing ideas and processes we absolutely need, from activism to ritual to placemaking to storytelling to permaculture.

Recently Starhawk and her community of teachers launched the very sophisticated and ambitious multi-year ‘Regenerative Land Management Training Program’ (RLMT), designed to provide the skills, experience and confidence to run a farm, ranch, retreat centre or urban farm in ways that heal damaged ecosystems and sequester carbon. A monstrous expansion on the existing and well-known Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) and Permaculture Teacher Training (PTT).

As so many people are thinking of building community, ecovillages, farms and shared spaces… their goal is to have this benchmark program make a HUGE difference in the sustainability of these new projects. BUT… then I found the website for this project and program and… it just didn’t work. It was built by generous volunteers, but was a bit of a mess, and really didn’t communicate the magic, importance, depth and deep value of this groundbreaking new program. I could tell that the site, materials and language was going to be a huge barrier to registration – and I felt like THIS program (and everything Starhawk touches) REALLY needs to be a success. Our world needs more of exactly this kind of work.

So, I set out on a mission, which started with checking in with Starhawk and asking if she would be open to receiving the gift of a beautiful new website. She resonated with my thoughts and excitedly said yes. THEN (given I’m not a web developer)… I had to find someone to join me in the mission. My hunt didn’t take long, and the amazing Niki Campbell jumped in with enthusiasm to help bring my goal and Starhawk’s deeper vision to life in the form of a new online home for the host project, “Earth Activist Training”.

Thank so much Starhawk for accepting our gift and trusting us with your baby, in this way… thanks SO MUCH Niki for so generously gifting your creative brilliance to this effort! Your contributions here will no doubt end up directly bringing new communities to life.

Thanks for letting me share this story with you… and, more importantly, I’m excited to share this beautiful site & project with you right here!

Jason is Founder & CEO of Stream of Consciousness, a Canadian digital media company that provides video, livestream and webinar services to those who do good work for the world.

Niki is a website designer and instructor.

She designs & builds websites with one goal in mind — to help passionate people to communicate their message well in the digital sphere.

She is always looking to help clients to hone in on the essence of their value and offering, and to find simple ways to communicate those through their website. She strive to build sites that are strategically structured, branded well, and deliver a great user experience.

Niki is also an instructor – having spent the past 6 years teaching business owners how to build their own websites so that they don’t have to break the bank to have an online presence.

On a personal note – Niki loves to contribute to the world in a meaningful way, to engage in rich soulful conversations, and to push ideas to their true potential to unearth the magic that exists when you do the hard work. She was thrilled to be able to contribute her skills and ideas towards the new EAT website! And hopes that it helps to really paint the picture of all the great projects and work that is going on.

Niki is currently offering a new online e-course Light Your Fire, teaching how to build a website from start to finish (using WordPress).