Permaculture Design Certificate Course, February-May 2022

Homestead Medicine for People and Animals

May 17th to 19th 2024

Join Delyla Wilson, street medic, herbalist, dog whisperer, and homesteader, for a weekend intensive on health and medicine for people and animals.

Disasters Happen

-Be Prepared –

– Become a Healer –

We humans, our furry friends, and our farm critters are all animals. We all need the magic of healing from time to time. We all breathe, have beating hearts, eat, poop, and are made up of muscle and bone. We all require similar approaches in medical emergencies to stay healthy and survive trauma. In this course we learn about the commonalities and differences in the care and treatment of humans and critters alike. The class focuses on assessment skills, wilderness first aid, and longer  term injury and health management as they apply to a variety of homestead denizens; including people, dogs, cats, goats, cows, chickens and more.

This course is fast-paced and focused, so please be prepared to show up on time & excited to participate. Class time will include significant hands-on components, scenarios, and lots of information sharing over a short time; so dress in comfortable clothes and be sure to bring note-taking supplies. Please let us know when registering if you have any limitations on movement or close, physical contact with your fellow students so we can facilitate your needs.

Course Content

The course includes:

  • consent/animal handling
  • primary and secondary assessment
  • stabilization of major injuries
  • treatment and management of minor injuries
  • animal births
  • basic herbs
  • homestead disaster preparedness

All approaches assume that responders are in rural settings familiar to the farmer and forester, where there is more than 1 hour of response time for people and limited availability to veterinarian care. Throughout the course we will weave in important magical tools one can use to create calm and promote healing in difficult situations.

We look forward to teaching, learning, practicing, and healing with you!

We look forward to teaching, learning, practicing, and healing with you!


Course Information

    • Location: Golden Rabbit Ranch, Cazadero, California
    • Dates: May 17-19 2024
    • Lodging: Camping on site
    • Meals: 3 meals a day. Meats will be ethically sourced & we will provide for vegan, vegetarian, & gluten-free diets. We will do our best to accommodate other dietary needs

  Typical Daily Schedule

8:00-9:30am —Breakfast
10-12:30 pm—Morning session
12:30-2:30 pm—lunch
3:00-6:00 pm—Afternoon session
6:00-7:30 pm—Break
7:30-9:00 pm—Dinner


  • We offer sliding scale tuition and payment plans to make our courses as accessible as possible
  • Abundant Tuition: $400
  • Standard Tuition: $350
  • Resilient Tuition: $325
  • Work Trade: details below
  • All amounts are in US dollars

Course Schedule

  • Friday 5-9pm – Disaster Response and Triage (optional)
  • Saturday 10am -6:30 pm – Primary and Secondary Assessment, Medical Emergencies and Birthing
  • Saturday Evening – A discussion of supplies and kits over dinner
  • Sunday 10am-6:30 pm – Serious Injuries, Sprains and Strains, Wound Treatments, and Home Care with Herbs
  • Sunday Evening – A discussion/planning of role plays over dinner
  • Monday 10am -3pm – Role Play Scenarios and Wrap Up

All participants will be required to sign up for 2-3 meal shifts to help with meal prep and cleanup.

Course Size

Due to the hands on nature of this course and the personalized focus of this course space is limited. Only 20 spaces available for this course. Once the course is filled additional students will be put on a wait list.


Check out our Frequently asked Questions page for more information about our policies


Please reach out to our Student Support Team at:


Delyla Wilson – Lead Instructor

Coyote Wilson – Assistant Instructor



  • We offer sliding scale tuition and payment plans to make our courses as accessible as possible 
  • Abundant Tuition: $400
  • Standard Tuition: $350
  • Resilient Tuition: $325
  • Work Trade Tuition $275 + 7 hrs of work (very limited spaces)
  • All amounts are in US dollars

Every Abundant Tuition helps support a Diversity Scholarship.


    • Our goal is to increase accessibility for our trainings
    • We offer  a 3-part payment plan
      • Initial deposit of $100 and
      • Three monthly installments of $100 ($400 total).
    • Our Student Support Team will assist you in setting up this process.


    • We offer a 20% discount for locals who will be providing their own lodging
      • Locals Tuition $280
      • Check out option is located in the registration form below
    • Additional discounts are available if you wish to provide some or all of your meals. Please register below using the promo code option and the code: CAZ LOCAL to reserve your spot (you won’t be charged to reserve a spot), then contact Starhawk or Delyla for additional discounts options.


    • Work trade positions play a crucial role in keeping the cost of our classes down, we are grateful for those who are willing to dedicate their time in support of our course for a reduction in tuition.
    • A partial work-trade option is available for $275 plus 7 hours of work trade. If interested in work trade please contact Delyla Wilson.
    • Alternative work trade arrangements can be made, please contact Delyla.
    • Work trade can be a lot work and may require work at times other students are taking a break.


    Supported by your donations, a select number of pay-what-you-can Diversity Scholarships are available for Indigenous Peoples and Peoples of Color working in environmental and food justice.
    • Earth Activist Training is committed to increasing the diversity of global permaculture and regenerative land movements
    • We recognize the history of this land called the United States and Canada and seek to do what we can to rectify the deep injustices and systems of inequity that formed and continue to shape society today.
    • These scholarships are pay-what-you-can with the recommended value of 50% of standard tuition (or $175), but any amount will be accepted and appreciated.

    We are always here to help:


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