EAT is committed to making our courses accessible, and by offering closed captioning, people who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing can participate in our online courses. ~ Starhawk, EAT Executive Director & Founder

The voice behind our Closed Captioning curtain is a wonderful Earth Activist Diane Perazzo, who donates the majority of her CC time in service of our work. We at Earth Activist Training are humbled to host her talents and offer this valuable tool for those in need.

One way we wish to honor Diane’s donated time is to give light to her own voice and poetic talents by sharing one of her poems from her portfolio. The power of regeneration is an important reminder in the face of darkness.

Read and learn more HERE on Diane’s Website

Mycelium & Memory

And so I drop
in deepest winter dreaming.
and decomposing,
drifting under
and within.

Descending into earth,
to drink its damp offering.
and wander
along threads of mycelium and memory.

I clothe myself in remembrance
of green and growing Spring
wild leeks, wood nettle,
linden and service berries.

I revel in joys of blue and brilliant Summer
raspberries, rose hips,
mugwort and milkweed.

I savour gifts of gilded golden Fall:
choke cherries and amaranth seeds,
burdock root, sumac, black walnuts
and Rowen berries picked after the first frost.

I carry these with me,
as I drift in an infinite eddy of

And in one exquisite instant
of spirals, cycles, and swirls,
their story is revealed to me.

I understand
how perfectly simple it all is.
And that my role
in that gentle whorl of love and death
and dark and light,
is both deeply valued
and completely insignificant.

Diane Perazzo, December 17, 2019

Image source: Desktop Nexus