Earth Activist Training  wants our courses to be accessible, and doesn’t ever want money to be a barrier to people getting the information, skills and resources they need.

We believe people should be paid fairly for their work, including our instructors, administrators, tech people and coordinators. Frankly, these two values sometimes seem to be in conflict. We do the best we can to find a fair balance.

This is why EAT offers many resources for free or at very low cost, and sliding scale charge for others. We raise funds to support scholarships and work trade for our online and in-person courses—but that also takes time and work.

When you donate, pay for a “standard tuition” course or pay at the top of our sliding scale, that supports our organization, provides access for those who have fewer resources, and helps us keep the work sustainable.

We know this is a hard time for many of us financially as well as in every other way—and that includes our team who have all lost major sources of their livelihoods in the last week.

Earth Activist Training is deeply grateful for the generosity so many of you have shown. We can take care of one another! Thank you!

With this in mind, we will be offering both FREE & very reasonably priced offerings within our new network Earth Activists Online.

Please contact us about diversity scholarships and remote work trade opportunities.

JOIN US @ Earth Activists Online – it’s free.

The time is now to build community resiliency!