Permaculture, Justice and Resilience: What Comes After?

The pandemic is still rampaging, the social justice uprising shows no signs of faltering—we hope! In the midst of rapid change, it’s hard to think ahead to what comes next, yet this is the time to plan and build if we want the future to embody the crucial changes we are calling for.

What would a world of justice and balance look like, and what tools do we need to create it? Permaculture is a system of ecological design that works with nature to help us meet our human needs while regenerating the environment around us. Its ethics and principles can help guide our next steps.

Join us for this 90 minute webinar to explore how we can address the environmental and social meltdowns of our time, and use this opportunity to plant seeds of resilience.

With the Earth Activist Training teaching team: Starhawk, Charles Williams, Sunshine Rose and Malik Coburn.

Free! Click the link below to join Starhawk & Friends.