February 23, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – March 2, 2020 @ 2:00 pm
New Paradigm College
Lake County CA
$1080-1380 ** REDUCED OFFER **
EAT Coordinator

Advanced Permaculture Training

from EAT’s Regenerative Land Management Program

February 23rd – March 2nd @ New Paradigm College, Lucerne, CA.

Instructors: Starhawk and Co-Teacher Lindsay Dailey, plus guest teachers including local fire ecologist Redbird Willie.

Cost: Sliding scale $1080-1380. ** DISCOUNTED SLIDING SCALE **

NOTE:: This course can be taken as a stand-alone training, or as fulfillment of one of the requirements in our long-term Regenerative Land Management Training program. Discover more about the full course at the link below.

Description:  Fire, flood, drought—climate change is already having a huge impact on Northern California. This Restoration Intensive in beautiful Lake County, 80% of which has burned in the last five years, will go deep into the ecology of our forests and oak Savannahs, the fire ecology managed by indigenous people for thousands of years, and the practical tools we can employ to make our homes and lands more resilient in the face of climate catastrophe.

We’ll get theoretical and hands-on experience in grassland and woodland management, and make beautiful and useful things from the thinnings.

We’ll explore the economics of land management, and practice team leadership and project management by hosting a community Ecoblitz.

Note: This intensive can be taken as part of the longer-term Regenerative Land Management program, or as a stand-alone course.

Advanced Permaculture Education: Apply permaculture to the broadacre realms of Zone 4, and learn about wildlands management and fire ecology in Northern California’s Oak Savannahs, Woodlands, Chapparal and Grasslands.

  • You’ll gain hands-on experience as well as theoretical knowledge of how we can plan for climate change and it’s impacts, including fire, make our homes and land more fire-resilient, and aid the land’s recovery after fire.
    •  forest ecology and managing our forests for biodiversity, resilience, and reciprocity
    • value-added products from regenerative forest management such as production of biochar, round pole building materials, and other artisanal crafts
    • fire behavior, working with prescribed fire, fire mimicry
    • home-hardening to make our homes more fire-resilient 
    • grazing for fuel reduction and fiber production 
    • supporting the land’s recovery after fire
  • You’ll learn carbon-sequestering strategies for soil, water management, forestry and food growing.
  • As well, you’ll gain experience in community organizing, design, planning, project management and team leadership.

The ten-day course includes one week of instruction at New Paradigm College in Lucerne, Lake County, CA that culminates in a weekend restoration eco-blitz on a community project that will engage the larger community.  It ends with a final day of cleanup, evaluation, and celebration. Since 2015, 80% of Lake County has burned in California’s devastating wildfires.  Lake County has below-average income and above-average unemployment—but it also has a strong, committed community who love their land and are determined to make it a model of resilient adaptation to the new climate realities. 

By partnering with many community organizations there, Earth Activist Training hopes to create a model of training and action that can provide on-the-ground, practical help and mitigation, education and inspiration.

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Restoration Intensive – REDUCED 10-15%

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