April 8, 2020 @ 2:00 pm – June 15, 2020 @ 3:00 pm
Minimum donation of $5

These are important times for our children and their education models as many teachers are now offering virtual classroom time.

This transition to a more technologically driven learning style happened very quickly. We believe there still needs to be a balance with more Earth-centered practices to reconnect our youth to cultivating more of our own food and medicines while deepening their connection to this planet that protects and provides for us.

Let us take this time as a chance to learn more practical skills in how to shift to an ecologically focused paradigm:

  • seed sharing
  • compost making
  • and fun family focused activities

Using permaculture ethics and principles our desire is to offer a foundation with introduction classes for parents and weekly hands-on activities for families to grow and learn together.

What’s Included

Register here by donation to join our 7 week series. Upon registration, you will gain access to 14 recorded classes featuring one lesson and one hands-on activity each week. The first session each week focuses on teaching the theory while the second session features a related hands-on activity for the family.

Course Curriculum

Week 1: Patterns in Nature

Week 2: All about Plants

Week 3: Soil Health and Foundations

Week 4: Compost and Beltane Ritual

Week 5: Alternative Economic and Lifestyles

Week: 6: Eco-Villages and Regenerative Community Design

Week 7: Self Sufficiency and Leading Community Resiliency

Tickets are available by donation. Suggested donation range for the series is $5-$55


PERMACULTURE FOR FAMILIES: Access the entire 7 week series by donation



A Note on EAT’s Financial Values

Earth Activist Training wants our courses to be accessible, and don’t ever want money to be a barrier to people getting the information, skills and resources they need. We believe people should be paid fairly for their work, including our instructors, administrators, tech people and coordinators.

Frankly, these two values sometimes seem to be in conflict. We do the best we can to find a fair balance. We offer many resources for free or at very low cost, and charge for others. We fundraise to support scholarships and work trade for our online and in-person courses—but that also takes time and work. When you donate, pay for a course or pay at the top of our scale, that helps support our organization, provides access for those who have fewer resources, and helps us keep the work sustainable.

We know this is a hard time for many of us financially as well as in every other way—and that includes our team who have all lost major sources of their livelihoods in the last week. We are deeply grateful for the generosity so many of you have shown. We can take care of one another! Thank you!

Questions, comments or concerns? Please email us at permaculture.for.families@gmail.org