January 27, 2021 @ 5:30 pm – February 17, 2021 @ 7:30 pm
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$135 | Diversity Scholarships Available*
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A 4-week elemental cookalong course filled with soul-nourishing recipes, skills, and delights taught by Chef Carin McKay & guest Starhawk.

Nourishing our Roots

Come join us for our deep-dive winter cooking series. We will explore soups, braises and long cooked foods that strengthen our health as well as some delicious savory galettes and sweet baking. In addition we will explore foraging winter food. We will alternate between following recipes and developing your vision and intuition in cooking. Classes are 2 hours long. The classes are omnivore friendly, hugely plant based, with options to alternate a recipe to suit.

Chef Carin McKay will be your guide through crafting a marvelous menu of magical offerings that draw upon the energies of the season. Learn to make heart-opening elixirs, to cook a feast for your ancestors, to celebrate the autumnal turn of the wheel with harvest foods and rituals as an act of self-care. Gather with a global community in a live, 4-week cookalong course- we’ll share laughter, stories, secret recipes and ritual through live sessions, downloadable content, and a private digital community.  Culinary Magic will be offered as a quarterly seasonal series in 2021.. register for one or join us all year!

Course Format

Culinary Magic Winter 2021 Cohort Classes are Jan 27th, Feb. 3, Feb. 10th, Feb 17.

Live Sessions: Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30 pm Pacific

Participants will have a private Culinary Magic Community to participate in together all year long outside of the live sessions. We believe that in addition to working the land, it’s vital to learn how to activate our home environments to provide nourishment, health and grounding and hope this course will enrich your experience.

What Is “Culinary Magic”? It’s food for the soul and spirit, attuned to the sun and moon, cooked with intention, skill, sense of humor, and passion! In this three part cooking series, chef and Culinary Magic Cookbook author Carin McKay will introduce you to seasonal cooking, show you how to hone a vision and sharpen your skills, set an intention prior to preparing a meal, and teach you techniques to create food that’s both nourishing and tasty!

In this class you will learn how to:

  • Meal prep for cooking.
  • Get into a good rhythm as we cook together.
  • Create unique dishes and meals from start to finish
  • Incorporate grounding and intention into our cooking
  • Activate earth elements through nutritional ingredients
  • How to alchemize spices to enrich dishes & health
  • Private instruction for culinary skills & tools
  • Incorporate foraged food into your menus.

Culinary Magic Participants will receive:

  • Professional instruction & kitchen activation with acclaimed Chef Carin McKay
  • Three 90 minute Live Cook-a-long Sessions with Chef Carin McKay
  • Special Guest Starhawk will joining!
  • Weekly Prep Videos to create a Foundation in Culinary Knowledge
  • Live Q&A with Carin (& Starhawk when she’s there)


Celebrate seasonal nourishment & cheer with Chef Carin McKay and special guest Starhawk for our second offer in elemental cooking & Culinary Magic!



Jan. 27, Feb 3, Feb 10th, Feb 17.. 90 Minute Cook-a-long Class

Time: Wednesdays, 5:30-7:30 pm Pacific Time

* Closed Captioning will be provided for our live sessions

Jan 27th Opening Live Session will feature

  • Community Building ~ Welcome to “Carin’s Crew”
  • Culinary Foundation teachings + a short live cook-a-long skill demonstration
  • Breakout Groups & Connecting with a Cooking Buddy

Plus Students will also receive:

  • Weekly Ingredients & Prep To DO List
  • small Culinary Magic assignments for at home learning

Live Session Length: 2 Hours

  • 90 Min Cook-a-long
  • 20-30 Minute – Cooking Decompression & Community Chat


Winter Course runs Jan 27, Feb. 3, Feb. 10, and Feb 17

Spring: April 7-14-21-28

Summer: June 16,13, 30 – July 7th

Fall: Sept 29, Oct – 6 – 13 – 20


4 Live Sessions with Chef Carin McKay

Starhawk will Special Guest at two of these classes

Private Community / Cookalong Support

Course Cost: $135

Reserve your seat

Diversity Scholarships Available – Click here to fill out a short form


WATCH the Introduction Webinar with Chef Carin McKay & Starhawk

Carin McKay has been creating Culinary Magic and building community for over 25 years. She has cooked hundreds of thousands of meals in incredible locations throughout California including the Earth Activist Training. Growing up in Northern California, Carin was immersed in local and seasonal cooking and meshes this with her world travels that have influenced her style. Carin brings the philosophy that the health and well-being of the cook is as important to the outcome of the meal it self. She teaches cooking as a powerful act of connecting us to our ancestors, our communities, ourselves, and nature.