February 15, 2021 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
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“Creatively use and respond to change” may be the most useful permaculture principle for navigating these uneven COVID-19 grounds.  In 2020, much of the business world moved online as the global crisis forced us all indoors. With more time at home, some folks were able to deepen homesteading practices like bread baking, gardening, and crafting. These resilient practices brought encouragement, inspiration and greater self-reliance back to the forefront for many of us. 

This new normal now brings very real and concrete business opportunities, if we can learn to recognize and embrace them. Yes, *now* is the moment to design a purpose-driven business that thrives in a fickle economic environment.  

Have you dreamed of turning your new (or old) hobby into a successful business? Do you crave the freedom of being an entrepreneur and running your own business or program? 
Join Starhawk, Regenerative Business Consultant Patty Love, and Special Guest  Jonathan Furst, to learn how to (re)create a business that:
  • Turns your talents & passion into profits you can use to change the world
  • Integrates permaculture ethics, principles, and design practices
  • Doesn’t feel like work (most of the time)

Is consciously designed for resilience whether we are in person or online


We’ll begin with Starhawk leading a meditation to hear our deepest calling. Then we’ll launch into the active process of transforming ideas into business plans: 

~Starhawk has a new publishing project she is contemplating… Watch as Patty coaches her to make resilient decisions that will help her turn that idea into a business plan. 

~Jonathan wants to turn his passion project into full-time, income generating work…. Listen in as Patty talks him through the application of Regenerative Business Design to his concept.  

Whether you’re already in business or just getting started with a dream, we hope you’ll join us, and find tools to help you design your own path to resilience in business. 


60 minute Webinar + 20 minutes of Live Q&A 

Featuring a special grounding & meditation by Starhawk. 


Cost: FREE *

Event Date: Monday, February 15, 2021

Event Time:  6 pm Pacific / 9 pm Eastern

Location: Earth Activists Online

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Starhawk: www.Starhawk.org

Patty Love: www.BarefootBusinessDesign.com

Maggid Jonathan Furst

Jonathan is the Founder and Head of School for Derech HaAretz (Way of the Earth) Outdoor Yeshiva, which provides training and professional development in Jewish Earth-based spirituality, wilderness skills, and ancestral arts.

For nearly 20 years he has delighted in sharing the spiritual and outdoors practices which have transformed his relationship to Spirit and helped him re-integrate with the wild community. Jonathan is a teacher trainer, nature-connection mentor, Holocaust resistance educator, and the maggid (sipiritual facilitator / story-carrier) for Keneset HaLev in San Francisco. He is also a founding steward of the JeWitch collective and a teacher in the Reclaiming tradition.

Jonathan has trained in wilderness survival skills with Lynx Vilden, Jon Young and Tom Brown, Jr. His teachers and mentors in Jewish and Earth-based ritual arts include Starhawk, Maggid Jhos Singer, Rabbi Jonathan Seidel, and Antero Alli.