Decolonizing Permaculture – A Letter From Starhawk 

Please give generously to support a more resilient and regenerative world.

Dear Friends,
      • A school on the Standing Rock Reserve surrounded by a garden of traditional foods and healing herbs, where students can learn immersed in nature…
      • A Black-owned farm in urban Sacramento where inner-city kids can learn to grow and eat healthy food…
      • A model permaculture farm in the hills of Jamaica…
      • A fruit-tree planting program in California schools…
      • A food-sharing program in Baltimore churches that supports Black farmers and local seniors…
      • A permaculture garden helping to feed an encampment to block an oil pipeline with nonviolent direct action.

Earth Activist Training is proud that our Diversity Scholarship Program has supported all of these great projects, and many more. We teach ecological design with a grounding in spirit, and a focus on organizing and activism. As part of our commitment to reparations, we offer scholarships to Black and Indigenous students and students of color engaged in social and environmental work. One of the permaculture principles is that diversity generates resilience, and over and over again we see that in action!

The problems of climate change are rooted in injustice and inequality, and taken together they can all feel overwhelming and insurmountable. But there is a global movement of people working quietly in small and large ways to regenerate the land and bring hope and healing to their communities. We are so grateful to be part of that movement and to play our part in bringing training and education to those on the front lines of struggle.

So we are asking for your help and support. In this last year, we’ve been able to give 47 scholarship places to our online courses, for a value of close to $50,000. Recipients have come from Burundi, Fiji, Gambia, Jamaica, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Pakistan and Puerto Rico, as well as the US and Canada.

This year, we are gladly returning to offering in-person courses—and our expenses rise as the cost of food and lodging increases. But the value of the face-to-face and hands-on experience is incalculable! So we are reaching out to you.

All donations make a difference – We appreciate your contributions!

      • $2500 supports a full scholarship to a two-week, in-person intensive training.
      • $1250 covers our out-of-pocket costs for food and lodging for one student.
      • $500 covers a scholarship to an online course.
      • $250 covers one-on-one mentoring for a student in our advanced Regenerative Land Management Program.
      • $100 covers our teaching team’s time for reading and evaluating a student design project and giving detailed feedback.

Feel free to donate any amount—it all adds up!

Here are three ways you can help:

      • Make a tax-deductible year-end donation to Earth Activist Training! DONATE at Or become a regular monthly donor. For the price of a cappuccino or a movie each month, you can help support our ongoing costs and stabilize our planning so that we can continue to serve our students.
      • Come take one of our classes! We’d love to see you, in-person or online, and we have many exciting offerings coming up in 2023! Earth Activist Training:
      • Help us spread the word! Share this letter and our course announcements with your friends, networks and social media.

Thanks so much! It’s your generosity that allows us to do this work, and we are grateful!
Earth Activist Training

(January 2023)

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