Decolonizing Permaculture – A Letter From Starhawk 

Please give generously to support a more resilient and regenerative world.


Dear Friends,

It’s been a year of hope and disappointment, challenges, growth, and yet more challenges for Earth Activist Training and the world. But as we enter into 2022, we are hopeful that our work teaching regenerative approaches to land use and people care make a difference. With climate change rampant and COVID continuing to plague us, we continue to work and teach the skills we need to restore ecosystems– including our human systems. 

As we return to in-person courses, we have strengthened our commitment to bring these tools to communities on the front lines of the struggle. We need your help to offer Diversity Scholarships to Indigenous students and Peoples of Color, and to mentor new teachers from impacted communities.

We now offer advanced, long-term programs in Regenerative Land Management and want to support a diverse body of students in completing this intensive training. We know this work pays amazing dividends! Our graduate students are teaching in inner city school gardens, working with immigrants stuck on the border to grow food, starting a new permaculture farm and center for Peoples of Color, designing permaculture gardens on their reservations– and so much more.

One permaculture principle is that diversity increases resilience– and growing the diversity of our courses and movement multiples the learning and effectiveness for everyone involved.

We want to be able to offer access to our in-person and online classes, as well as work trade opportunities for activists of every background who are working in social and environmental justice. This year, we are developing an introductory course in Permaculture for Climate Activists to help provide hope, inspiration, and strategy for all those working in the movement, with the goal to offer it on a donation basis. To do this, we need your help!

All donations make a difference – We appreciate your contributions!

  • $25 helps subsidize a Diversity scholarship or work trade opportunity for an online class
  • $75 provides an hour of American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation for our public programs
  • $85 provides a day of food and lodging for an in-person course
  • $250 covers our staff time and out-of-pocket expenses for a scholarship to a short course, such as Empowering Collaborative Groups
  • $1200 subsidizes a work trader for our in-person Restoration Intensive 
  • $1,500 covers food and lodging for one student in our in-person Permaculture Design Certificate course
  • $1,500 supports the technical and administrative work to run our Permaculture for Climate Activists course
  • $2,300 covers a full scholarship for one student to our in-person Permaculture Design Course
  • $5,000 covers a full scholarship to our Regenerative Land Management Diploma program multiple online courses, individual mentoring, live cohort support, and an in-person intensive

Any amount you can give gladdens our hearts and adds up to a huge investment in a resilient future. We are so grateful for your support. 


(January 2022)

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