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A Letter from Starhawk…

Climate change! The latest UN Report says we have only twelve years to turn it around! When you hear that, do you get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach? Do you feel overwhelmed and hopeless? Yeah—me too, sometimes. And yet I know there is so much that we can do!

Climate change—it’s not just carbon numbers, it’s massive ecosystem degradation on a global scale.  But here’s the good news—we know how to regenerate ecosystems on a large scale! That’s what we teach in our Earth Activist Trainings, that combine permaculture design with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing and activism!

Our trainings change lives, and open up new career paths for students like Malik Coburn:

“Before the privilege of attending my first EAT course in March 2017, I had been trapped in the hole of working job-to-job. In June 2017, I took the Permaculture Design Course with Starhawk & Charles Williams. I am currently facilitating a project based environmental science curriculum in Gary, IN – a town that sits in the shadows of Chicago, IL as a poverty-ridden, violent, and food deserted area. The course helped me in how it provided me with so many resources, with the tools to create partnerships and therapeutic methods to bring beauty to ourselves and our surroundings.”

Or Becky Ellis:

“Earth Activist Training completely changed my world. It brought together three strands in my life that had not been connected too closely until my experience at the PDC: Earth-based spirituality, the growing of food, and activism. I have been inspired to live my life in vastly different ways since attending the PDC in 2010. I have created a children’s gardening program, done permaculture education, built an amazing community of permaculture-ended people, created an arts and eco festival and taken a leadership role in pushing for regenerative urban agriculture in my city of London (Ontario) and Toronto.”

“I put out the blog and podcast Permaculture for the People which focuses on anti/post capitalism and permaculture. I am completing my PhD in Geography at Western University and my research focuses on the relationship between people and urban bees.  Through EAT I learned that, to paraphrase Arundhati Roy, another world is not only possible but is on her way!”

EAT’s Diversity Scholarship Program for people of color working in environmental justice nurtures community leaders who can help us find new ways to grow food and grow the healthy social relations we need to transform our human ecosystems.  But we need your help to continue. Here’s how you can support our work:

Make a donation, below! Or better yet, make a monthly donation! Could you pledge even $10 a month, the price of a couple of lattes, to help support out work? Our monthly donors let us plan ahead, prioritize, and help sustain the vital, ongoing organizing that keeps our program together. Or, come take one of our courses! We still have a few places left for our January 6-20 permaculture design certificate course in beautiful Western Sonoma County! And this spring, we have upcoming trainings in Social Permaculture—the art of designing people systems, a Sacred Earth Apprenticeship focusing on spirit and herbal medicine, and we’ll soon be launching our longer-term training in Regenerative Land Management!

Ecosystems are not just plant communities—they are people communities, too, and you are part of ours.  With your help, we’ll continue to grow and thrive. Together we can help mitigate the ravages of climate change and create that better world we know is possible.

With love, Starhawk and all of us at Earth Activist Training