resilient land design | Advanced permaculture

Deepen Your Understanding and Practical Application of the Science, Systems, Skills, and Spirit of Earth Healing.

Our new 6 month Advanced Permaculture course will give you the experience and confidence to plan, design, and begin regeneratively managing medium to large scale land systems. Bring your vision of resilient land and upon completion you will have designed a complete master permaculture plan that you can begin implementing right away to heal damaged ecosystems and sequester carbon on your ranch, retreat center, urban farm, homestead, or family farm!  

Resilient Land Design:

a 6 month Advanced Permaculture Training

Earth Activist Training’s new program in Resilient Land Design combines a balanced mix of theory and practical tools you can implement at home, along with readings, discussions, and community connections. Each month, your teachers will guide you through a distinct aspect of ecosystem design. At the end of each module, you will apply what you have learned to a unique design project. By the end of the course, you’ll complete your full permaculture plan, and gain a new set of skills for regenerating, managing  and living on the land. 

Resilient Land Design is the entry course for our long-term Regenerative Land Management Diploma Program. Click here to learn more!



Regenerative farmers are the new climate champions. To prevent global catastrophe, we need to both stop emitting carbon and draw it down from the atmosphere. The best way to do that is by regenerating living systems, using trees and plants to change that carbon into wood and food and humus and soil.  Regenerative agriculture is gaining prominence as a climate solution, but we need people trained and prepared to implement it.  This is what our programs teach!

The opportunity

Half the farmland in North America is due to change hands in the next two decades as farmers age out.

It’s vital that we get that land into the hands of those who know how to manage it in ways that contribute to global healing.

We need trained people—and you need to be able to make a thriving living for yourselves and your families.

resilient land design | How it works

Course Overview:

Each month of the program, you’ll go through another module that introduces a key element of resilience.  You’ll have three live classes each month, as well as supplementary readings, videos and other resources, and hands-on assignments.  During the fourth week, you’ll meet with other students in your affinity group to build community and networks of support.

Throughout the course, you’ll be working on a permaculture design or land management plan for a site of your choice.  The modules will deepen your understanding of each aspect of regenerative design, from site assessment and mapping through plans for food forests or grazing regimens.  You’ll build your design, topic by topic, until at the end you have a complete plan for resilience. There will be time for personal interaction and feedback from your teachers.

Empowering, Supportive Student Experiences

In addition to our 18 live Sessions with Starhawk & Charles Williams, students will have monthly support via our Earth Activists Online Classroom. 

Students enrolled in Resilient Land Design will have access too:

  • Our private RLD Community where you can connect, share, and discuss with others in your cohort. 
  • An affinity group to share support and build community.
  • Ongoing student & teacher feedback and personal contact

Online Course Format: 

How it works

The Program Combines:  Ecology and citizen science; soil; water; perennial and no-till systems; food forests; agroforestry and sustainable forest management; rangeland management and how to integrate animals.  

*The pre-requisite is a Permaculture Design Certificate.  EAT will offer our next pdc course in the summer of 2021, and we also recognize many other qualified courses offered by organizations around the world.  To learn more about our Permaculture Design Certificate Course, visit our next PDC’s eventpage.

Course Format: 

Opening Session March 31st 2021 through our Closing Session September 8th

Live Class: Wednesdays 6:00-8:00 pm PST / 9:00-11:00 pm EST

*Recordings will be available for those who cannot join live sessions.


Welcome Session: March 31st, 2021

Module 1: 4/7, 4/14, 4/21 – OFF (4/28)

Module 2: 5/5 ,5/12,  5/19 – OFF (5/26)

Module 3: 6/2, 6/9, 6/16 OFF (6/23)

Module 4: 6/30, 7/7, 7/14 – OFF (7/21)

Module 5: 7/28, 8/4,  8/11 – OFF (8/18)

Module 6: 8/25, 9/1,  9/8  Closing Session

Who is RLD for?

This journey is for you if:

    • You already have earned a Permaculture Design Certificate.*
    • You want to expand your knowledge of permaculture and go deeper into some of the topics that most interest you.
    • You want to learn solutions, and hopeful approaches to some of our most dire problems.
    • You have a deep love for the earth and the natural world.
    • You have land–even a small backyard–and want to learn how to make it thrive.
    • You hope to get land in the future and want the skills and tools to run a regenerative homestead, farm, ranch, urban farm or retreat space.
    • You want to prepare for a career in an environmental field.
    • You are concerned about climate change, ecosystem degradation and human injustice, and want to make a positive difference.

Earth Activists Online

The Community

We are thankful to offer this training online! The entire course will be held within our new online platform Earth Activsts Online. It will feature a private training space with a community activity feed, messaging, chat rooms and many ways to connect privately with your fellow course participants. 


Our teachers & staff, just as though we were on site, will be coming together virtually to create and cast a circle of safety and wellness as best as possible to thrive together. While we all wish we could be gathered together in person, remote learning provides greater access to a global alliance of students which is exciting to see! We appreciate your contribution to our expanding online community!

Health/ Support

Throughout the training students will have support from both the teaching staff and your fellow students, with live Q and A sessions, discussions, a lively online platform, and an affinity group/support group you’ll be part of.   Our goal is to create a safe, nurturing and enriching community that will encourage you to push your learning edges and celebrate your achievements. 

Live Zoom Meetings

Featuring Starhawk & Charles Williams +

18 total (3 per module) plus a monthly meeting with your affinity group for support and community building.

A Repeating Weekly Pattern

Each of the modules is 4 weeks long. The live class session pattern is 3 on and and then one week off. See below to learn more.

Week 1

Presentations on the theory and  science behind each module.

Week 2

 We apply the theory to a case study and go deeper into design.

Week 3

Discussion, presentation of student work and feedback.

Week 4

Time to integrate, read, view materials, and work on your own designs and practical projects, as well as meet with your affinity group.

Weekly Home Study Time Commitment:

Outside of live classes, there will be an additional 5-8 hours of assigned work per week

A Sample of Textbooks

Eric Toensmeier.  The Carbon Farming Solution

Bill Mollison.  The Permaculture Designer’s Manual

Videos and Readings

These tasks can be completed in your own time throughout the week


We recognize and understand not all students may have access to land or resources at this time.

Design work and other practice

The goal of this program is for students to find success designing their own project. The final vision is yours to create.

One longer reading assignment

To be completed over the course of the online training. This topic and focus is to be determined.

COMPLETING The Resilient Land Design COURSE:

Each student will complete the Resilient Land Design program with a comprehensive permaculture design/farm management plan, and receive feedback from your teachers and fellow students.

Each student who completes the requirements will receive an Advanced Permaculture Certificate issued by Earth Activist Training. This stand alone offering is the first component of our larger RLM Diploma Program and can be credited towards graduation.


Regenerative Land Management Diploma:

Resilient Land Design is the opening component of our new RLM Diploma Program.  We are excited to offer this 6 month Resilient Land Design training as a stand-alone advanced permaculture course.

Our new Regenerative Land Management Diploma Program is a life-changing long-term educational track that can help you develop and activate the skills, experience and confidence needed to run a farm, ranch, retreat center or urban farm in ways that heal damaged ecosystems and sequester carbon.

Do you dream of making a living from the land of right livelihood that repairs the planet while sustaining your family?  Our RLM Diploma Program is designed to do just that!

Offered in partnership with the Permaculture Institute of North America, the RLM Diploma encompasses both theoretical and practical training, and iis equivalent in learning, work and time to two years of college.

Learn more about the long term Regenerative Land Management Diploma Program here.


Do you want to apply for our Diploma Program?

PAYMENT & registration

Reserving Your Spot

A $500.00 deposit is due with registration in order to secure your space. We accept payment by check, money order, or credit/debit/Paypal.

Our one-time full payment option for tuition is offered on a Sliding Scale $1150-1350.


Checks and money orders should be made payable to Earth Activist Training. Please contact us for mail instructions.


Payment Program

Earth Activist Training is committed to making our programs accessible and affordable.  We fundraise extensively to provide scholarships and work trade, and we can help you with ideas for crowd-funding and earning-as-you-go.

Sliding Scale

The Resilient Land Design 6 month course is a stand alone cost of sliding scale $1150-$1350.

Deposit option

There is a one time cost of just $500 to reserve your spot for this 6 month training. We will then set up a payment plan

Payment Plan

Once you have made your deposit, students will pay $150/month for 5 months, for a tuition total of $1250, our standard tution.

Tuition Balance

Payment in full is due by the end of our live session in order to receive your certificate. Monthly payments must be current to remain in our training.


Earth Activist Training is committed to increasing the diversity of the global permaculture and regenerative land movements. Our goal is to provide access to our programs through scholarships for indigenous people and people of color working in environmental and food justice areas.

Interested in a Diversity Scholarship?

Completing your Registration

Your payment will reserve your spot! 

Select a one time payment from our drop down menu OR choose our $500.00 deposit option.

We accept payment by check, money order, or credit/debit/Paypal.

Sliding Scale USD

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