Regenerative Land Management Training Program

Create a meaningful livelihood restoring land and revitalizing community.

Earth Activist Training is proud to announce our new, longer-term program in regenerative land management.  Based on in-person intensives, online materials and a sequence of internships and apprenticeships, our program is designed to give students the training, support and hands-on experience they need to take a piece of land—rural or urban—bring it into health, and make a living while drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and restoring habitat and ecosystems.  And you have the option to earn a Permaculture Diploma while doing so!

How Will It Work?

The course is designed to work with your needs and is centered around independent study and participatory learning.  It has key aspects:

Prerequisite:  a permaculture design certificate.  If you already have one, you can jump right in.  If not, you can take one of ours, or any other recognized course that follows the international 72 hour curriculum.  If you have questions about whether a course qualifies, check with us.


During your time in the course, you will be expected to take at least two of these:

One Core Intensive—a deeper, theoretical and practical introduction to regenerative practices in water retention, soil building, no-till agriculture, forestry, grazing, mapping and monitoring.  10 days, residential.

One or more Practical Restoration Intensive—training in community organizing, project management, and hands-on restoration.  In partnership with the Ecosystem Restoration Camps, the Permaculture Action Network and other organizations, you will get help planning, designing, and leading a community action day to restore a local ecosystem or contribute to a local project.  10 days, residential

Personal mentoring:

Each student will be assigned a personal mentor, who will help guide you through the curriculum, help you with documentation, and advise you on learning opportunities.

Are you interested in applying to be a Mentor for the RLMT program?

Short Internships:

Internships lasting from one-three months designed to give you hands-on experience in a variety of climates, ecosystems and farming systems.

Long Internship:

An internship lasting six-twelve months in an ecosystem or farming system that fits your long-term goals.

Weekend and On-line Courses:

Parts of the curriculum will be covered by shorter in-person or online courses offered by Earth Activist Training or other institutions.  There is an abundance of training and expertise out there and we encourage our students to take advantage of it and gain a breadth of knowledge and experience.

Life Experience:

If you already have experience in one or more areas of the curriculum, your mentor will help you document it and it can count toward the fulfillment of your requirements.

The curriculum:

We’ve developed a comprehensive curriculum designed to give you the skills you need to become part of Mother Earth’s regeneration team!  It covers:

  1. Basic Ecoliteracy and Systems Thinking
  2. Soil and Carbon Sequestration
  3. Water Harvesting and Water Cycles
  4. Forest Conservation and Management
  5. Range Management and Rotational Grazing
  6. Agroforestry and Perennial Systems
  7. Farm and Ranch-Scale Energy Systems
  8. Project Management
  9. Business and Financial Planning
  10. Social Permaculture
  11. Community Organizing
  12. Disaster Response
  13. Practical Homestead Skills
  14. Design and Planning

When you’ve completed the curriculum, you’ll receive a Regenerative Land Management Certificate.  You also have the option to take the course as a Diploma course with the Permaculture Institute of North America.   And you’ll have the skills and confidence you need to build a livelihood on the land. We are actively developing a network of people who have land and need help managing it, and our goal is to be able to offer networking and opportunities to our graduates.

Upcoming Intensives:


With Starhawk and Guest Teachers including Erik Ohlsen and more!

February 22-March 2 Lake County, Northern California

Ecology of place, fire ecology, forest practice and agro-forestry,  community organizing, disaster planning and response, hands-on practice in restoration techniques, project management, design and implementation of projects.  We will design, plan, organize and lead a community restoration project, in partnership with the Permaculture Action Network and the Ecosystems Restoration Camps. *REGISTRATION NOW OPEN*


June  15-24 2020 Shawnigan Lake, British Columbia

With Starhawk, Charles Williams and Guest Teachers

Overview of climate change and how we can address it by regenerating ecosystems.   The ecology of soil, water systems, forests, grasslands, plant and animal communities.  How to work with soil to sequester carbon. Social permaculture and community resilience.  Personal strengths, weaknesses, goals and dreams—individualized program planning. *REGISTRATION OPENS By Dec 1, 2019*

This course is for you if:

  • You are looking for a fulfilling life on the land, providing for human needs while regenerating the environment and directly addressing climate change.
  • You’re currently in a job or career but asking yourself, “What can I do that has deeper meaning?”
  • You are drawn to grow food in and around cities and want the skills and resources to be effective and successful.
  • You are a novice at farming, ranching or urban farming and need training and experience.
  • You are an experienced gardener, farmer or rancher who wants to broaden your range of skills and confidence with regenerative systems.
  • You have taken a Permaculture Design Course, and are wondering, “Now what?”
  • You are making a life transition and looking for a new meaningful project and life goals.

What Will It Cost?

Earth Activist Training strives to make our programs as accessible as possible to students from all income levels.  We offer many work trade slots for our intensives and online programs, and are actively seeking funds to support our Diversity Scholarships for people of color working in environmental and social justice.

Intensive prices vary according to the site, accommodations and other factors, but generally run between $1000-$1600 for the ten days.

We are offer Diversity Scholarships

Mentoring:  We charge a fee of $150 a session to cover the cost of your mentor’s time and our administrative staff.


You will make your own arrangements with each internship.  Some will ask for pay, others might pay a small stipend. Most provide lodging and at least some food, and many have opportunities and time nearby for you to earn supplemental income.

Additional courses:

Courses we offer in person or online will have additional fees.  Earth Activist Training always offers a sliding scale, as well as work trade opportunities and Diversity Scholarships.

Earth Activist Training is actively seeking host sites for Internships and Apprenticeships for our students.  

Are you interested in offering an Internship or Apprenticeship for the RLMT program?


Please make note this course curriculum is still in progress finalizing certain details so some areas are subject to change. If there is any specific question or concern, please reach out to us directly:

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Payment Options

A $375.00 deposit is due with registration in order to secure your space. We accept payment by check, money order, or credit/debit/Paypal.


Checks and money orders should be made payable to Earth Activist Training and mailed to:

Earth Activist Training

c/o Starhawk

Po Box 2823

Berkely CA 94702

Diversity Scholarships Registration can be found here


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