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Alliance of Community Trainers, the fiscal sponsor for Earth Activist Training, is a 501c3 nonprofit, and your donation is tax-deductible.

December 29th, 2016

A message from Starhawk:

Earth Activist Training has a very successful Diversity Program that we’ve been building over the last four years.  By offering scholarships to people of color and differently abled folks, by supporting activists and being generous to a fault with work trade and economic support, we have made a significant difference in the permaculture movement.  I saw that at last fall’s North American Permaculture Convergence—a beautiful and diverse gathering that came so much closer to reflecting the broad range of communities searching for regenerative solutions to environmental and social justice programs.  I saw so many people there that had come through our program, and now are stepping up and taking leadership in the broader movement!
But our program has also had another huge outcome.  Slowly, sometimes painfully, we are learning to create spaces that can truly welcome that broad range of diversity, gaining the tools to facilitate the conflicts, and building the bridges and alliances we will need to weather the coming storms.

EAT Keira, Aleya A-frameWe want to keep building this program.  We have an upcoming course of close to fifty students—eighteen or more are receiving scholarships and work trade.  We have to accept them in good time so they can make plans and arrange travel and time off from work.  They are awesome, committed folks doing important work—teaching health and nutrition in inner city communities, preserving and sharing indigenous knowledge of plants and land management, organizing to resist pipelines and the fossil-fuel industry, working with youth, with the homeless, with prisoners, and so much more!

We’ve been promised a grant…but we haven’t yet actually received it…


Now, if ever, is the time we desperately need your support!  Can you:

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–Contribute some money—even a small amount—to help us cover costs and continue building on our success?


–Sponsor a student?  Or get a group together to sponsor a student?  $850 covers room and board for a two-week intensive.  $350 will do the same for our upcoming Social Permaculture program this spring.  $1600 provides a full scholarship.

–Share the message below with your friends and social networks.

Thanks so much!  Your support is more crucial now than ever before!

Wishing you joy and courage for the New Year,



We can’t do it all, as individuals. But together we can be part of the network of inspired, motivated folks who, shoulder to shoulder, can change the world.

EAT August 2013

A message to share with your communities:

Earth Activist Training teaches ecological design with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing and activism.  Now, more than ever, we need the tools of both resistance and regeneration, and we need to share these tools with activists and leaders in communities on the frontlines of environmental and social justice struggles.  Please help Earth Activist Training continue our Diversity Program, offering scholarships and work trade to people of color, differently abled people and activists.  We are making a difference—in the permaculture community and the world, and you can be part of it!  Feel free to donate what you can, and thanks!  Your support makes our work possible!

Alliance of Community Trainers, the fiscal sponsor for Earth Activist Training, is a 501c3 nonprofit, and your donation is tax-deductible.