Social Permaculture | Spring 2017

Group Leadership and Empowerment: Training in Social Permaculture

March 29th – April 2nd, 2017 | $725-$875
Western Sonoma County, CA

In this time of environmental and social meltdowns, we need one another to make positive changes and plant the seeds of a new world. But to work together, and to embrace diversity and challenge the ‘isms’ that divide us, we need the skills of building group bonds, establishing clear communication, resolving conflict creatively, and bringing forth each individual’s greatest gifts.


Group Leadership and Empowerment: Training in Social Permaculture | Cazadero, CA is a 5-day intensive residential course.
Cost: $725 – $875 US sliding scale. Includes lodging and fabulous meals. **Registration is now closed.
Instructors: Starhawk, Pandora Thomas, and Charles Williams.

Even collaborative, horizontal groups benefit from leadership—visionaries who can move the group into new directions, facilitators who can help the group bond and make decisions, mediators who can help the group move through conflict, mentors who can help each member find their growing edge.

This five-day intensive explores social permaculture—looking at how we can design groups, structures and new patterns that further beneficial human relationships.  Together we’ll create a truly welcoming environment, where we can each be seen in the fullness and complexity of who we are. We’ll explore how to structure our groups for maximum group health, how to share power fairly, mediate conflicts and facilitate group processes. And we’ll share tools for decision making and constructive critique. Starhawk’s latest book, The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, will be our foundation.

We’ll balance the process work with time outdoors in nature, including hands-on work on the land, and with rituals and personal practice to further our own sustainability. Insights from both permaculture and magic will help us learn to be more effective and joyful as we work together to regenerate our world.

This course is for you if you belong to :

  • A group or organization seeking to make change.
  • A nonprofit or NGO that seeks to work collaboratively.
  • A spiritual circle, ritual group, or faith community.
  • A community group, Transition Town, collective, or worker-run cooperative.
  • An intentional community or household, or hope to start one.
  • A collaborative arts, theater, or music group. A band!
  • A family or a community of friends that want to improve communications and ways of handling conflict.

Topics include:

Permaculture principles for social permaculture:

  • Design beneficial relationships.
  • Value diversity and edge.
  • Stack functions.
  • Design the physical to support the social.

Working with diversity–race, gender, class, sexual orientation, etc.

Group vision: picture of the world, mission, goals and governance.

Norms and Rules.

Effective group structure.

Power: Power over, power from within, earned and unearned social power

Communication: Text and subtext, nonviolent communication, ladder of inference

Effective feedback.

Conflict—embracing, mediating and resolving group conflict.

Dealing with difficult people (starting with ourselves!)

Instructors: Starhawk, Pandora Thomas, and Charles Williams

Cost: $725 – $875 sliding scale, includes fabulous food and lodging

Dates: Begins Wednesday March 29th (orientation at 5pm)
Ends Sunday April 2nd (after lunch by 2pm)

**Please note, we are now on a wait list for work-trade applications and have filled all of our diversity scholarships. Contact us before registering if you have questions.

Group Leadership and Empowerment – Spring 2017

March 29 – April 2, 2017

Black Mountain Preserve, Cazadero, CA United States | + Google Map

**Registration is now closed.