Sacred Earth Apprenticeship 2017

Sacred Earth Apprenticeship

Part One: April 3rd – April 7th, 2017
Part Two: October 11th-15th, 2017
Western Sonoma County, CA

Instructors: Starhawk, Demetra Markis, and guests

A program sponsored by Earth Activist Training.

A year-long, intensive apprenticeship in magical and practical healing for ourselves, our communities and the earth. Myth and story guide us through a deep process of personal transformation, anchored with practical skills. For the 2017 cycle, we’ll focus on the story of Demeter and Persephone. As we plant, sow, and harvest, we’ll explore the depths of grief and loss, and how we transform them into regeneration and new birth.

Sacred Earth Apprenticeship | Cazadero, CA is a year-long, intensive apprenticeship with two 5-day intensive residential courses.
Cost: $1800 – $2200 US sliding scale. Includes lodging and meals for residential portions. Payment plan available. **Registration is now closed.
Instructors: Starhawk, Demetra Markis, and friends.

Learn how to create and lead rituals that matter and how to understand the deep energetics of circle work. Demeter is the Goddess of agriculture, and with her help we’ll explore the deep mysteries of soil and seeds. We’ll develop our nature and plant awareness along with hands-on herbalism: propagating, planting, growing, harvesting and preparing native, Western and Chinese healing herbs. We’ll make tinctures and distill essential oils and floral waters in our copper alembic. Persephone becomes the Queen of the underworld, who will lead us to into the mysteries of generation and rebirth, connecting to deep levels of energy and spirit to confront our own shadows and step fully into our power.

Our spiritual roots:
Starhawk is a co-founder of the Reclaiming tradition, grounded in the heritage of the Witches—practitioners of the ancient, earth-based Goddess spirituality of Europe and the Middle East. Reclaiming is an egalitarian tradition, incorporating deep, transformational healing and active engagement with the world and its problems.

Demetra Markis, L.Ac., is an herbalist, acupuncturist, musician and gardener. She is committed to accessible healthcare and the practice of community acupuncture. She finds her greatest connection with spirit at the intersection of music, service and the living green world.

Course structure:
Two five-day residential intensives, one in spring, one in autumn.

Affinity groups—small groups formed at the intensives will provide peer coaching and support throughout the year, and will work through monthly cycles of practice and progress that we will orient around the new and full moon cycles.

Quarterly check-in calls—online meetings four times a year in between intensives will allow us to deepen our connection as a group, report on our goals and struggles, and continue to step forward into our collective and personal work.

Personal learning contract, that you create in consultation with the teachers, to define your own goals and personal development plan, with daily, monthly, and year-long goals, practices, projects, and commitments.

Structure of the intensives:
Each day will begin with creating sacred space in circle together.
Mornings will focus on magical tools and skills and deep personal work. Spring will be oriented around the theme of Persephone’s journey into, through, and emerging from the underworld, and Autumn will use Demeter’s loss and subsequent actions as our guide.
Afternoons will include hands-on work with the land and the herbs, and dedicated time for affinity group check-ins. We will get our hands dirty with digging and building, gather and prepare medicines in a variety of forms, make offerings and connections to the land, and engage in spiritual practices through the process.
Evenings will take us through a cycle of co-created rituals delving deeper into the myth and moving through a transformational process.

The site:
Accommodations and class space will be at Black Mountain Preserve in the beautiful Cazadero Hills of Western Sonoma County.  Most students will stay in comfortable dormitories, but a limited number of private rooms are available at additional cost.

Hands-on practice will be at Golden Rabbit Ranch, nearby, where Demetra and Starhawk are developing a carbon-sequestering Chinese medicinal herb farm and food forest.

This course is for you if:

  • You hunger to connect with others in deep and meaningful ways.
  • You want to get your hands in the dirt.
  • You want to learn how to create and facilitate rituals and healing practices for a wide variety of situations.
  • You have personal healing you want to do in a supportive environment that incorporates both herbal, spiritual and energetic support.
  • You lead groups and want to learn how to deepen your facilitation skills.
  • You want to learn to grow and provide herbal medicine for healing practitioners.
  • You are a practitioner of Chinese medicine and want to learn how to grow and provide herbs untainted by pesticides and herbicides.

Cost: Sliding scale $1800-$2200 for the full year

  • Two residential intensives with accommodations and meals
  • Four group calls per year
  • Regular check-ins and support with affinity groups
  • Monthly assignments and focus for practices and projects
  • Access to online materials
  • Discounts on related programs

Class size will be limited to 30 participants. We expect to be full well before the class start date, so please register early if you would like to join us!
Community Discount: Sign up with a friend and take $100 off each.
Payment plan: We have a payment plan available for this course, where you can make a deposit of $400 followed by six consecutive monthly payments of $250.
Work-trade and Scholarships: **Please note, we are now on a wait list for work-trade applications and have filled all of our diversity scholarships. Contact us before registering if you have questions.

Sacred Earth Apprenticeship – Spring 2017

Part One: April 3rd – 7th, 2017
Part Two: October 11th – 15th, 2017

Black Mountain Preserve, Cazadero, CA United States | + Google Map

**Registration is now closed.