Vicki Noble, one of the creators of the Motherpeace Tarot, attended the January 2010 EAT at Black Mountain Preserve in northern California. Read Vicki’s report on the two week session and how the blend of permaculture and activism has greatly enhanced her life.

Jonathan Furst wrote about the power of the EAT experience to change one’s life: “Earth Activist Training, Permaculture, and Simple Techniques for Saving the World!” Jonathan attended the January 2002 EAT at Black Mountain Preserve in northern California. This article was published in the Summer 2002 issue of Reclaiming Quarterly.

Layne Whitley, director of the Chico (California) Peace and Justice Center, took EAT in April/May 2003, at Black Mountain. She wrote this article for the CPJC newsletter, published in June ’03.

“Like a Phoenix from the Fire: Cultivating Hope at Earth Activist Training,” by Katie Renz, was published in HopeDance, August/September, 2003. Katie took the April/May 2003 EAT session.

cob_gets_sillyFred Meyers of Iowa City wrote “The EAT Experience,” which, among other things, dishes the real dirt on Starhawk. Fred attended the September 2005 EAT at The Avalon, northern California. This article was published in the Yule 2005 Weavings online newsletter hosted by the Iowa Pagan Access Network (IPAN).


Mary DeDanan took the January 2002 EAT. She wrote not about EAT itself, but about permaculture and then-core teacher Penny Livingston, for the Pacific Sun, the north bay’s newsweekly. Read “The Ecstasy of Ecology: Penny Livingston and the Permaculture Institute of Northern California.” This article has been reprinted on several web sites, and won the “best of the west” award from online mag.

“I wanted to learn how to maintain my optimism in the face of so much fear and negativity, and I wanted to learn general PC principles. I did! Not only did I learn to maintain my optimism, I feel even MORE positive and empowered than ever. I wholeheartedly, enthusiastically recommend this course. The best, most inspirational, informative, empowering class I’ve ever attended.”
Laura Holland Belk
Sierraville, California
January 2004 EAT