Starhawk  (All courses)

Starhawk is an author, activist, permaculture designer, and one of the foremost voices in earth-based spirituality. Her twelve books include The Spiral Dance, The Fifth Sacred Thing, and The Earth Path, and her first picture book for children, The Last Wild Witch.

She has lived and worked collectively for thirty years, and her experiences inform her book on group dynamics, The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups. Her latest book, City of Refuge, is a sequel to The Fifth Sacred Thing. The second-highest funded fiction project ever on Kickstarter, it became available to the public in early 2016.

Starhawk directs and teaches Earth Activist Training which combines permaculture design certificate courses with a grounding in spirit and a focus on organizing and activism. She has been recognized by the Permaculture Institute of North America as a leading figure in the permaculture field and has been awarded PINA’s dual diplomas for excellence in education and permaculture site design.

Starhawk’s books have been translated into many languages, while her essays are reprinted across the world, and have been included in numerous anthologies. Her writing is influential and has been quoted by many hundreds of other authors, from magazines to trade and academic press. Her books are often used in college curriculums.

Starhawk is a gifted teacher and speaker with an international audience. She is a veteran of progressive movements, from anti-war to anti-nukes, and is deeply committed to bringing the techniques and creative power of spirituality to political activism. Her work in progressive movements spans over 30 years. (Enjoy this 2013 presentation: “Permaculture and the Sacred: A Conversation with Starhawk” from Harvard Divinity School.)

She has organized, trained protesters, and been on the front lines of antinuclear actions at Diablo Canyon, Livermore Weapons Lab, Vandenberg Air Force Base, and the Nevada Test Site, among others. She traveled to Nicaragua with Witness for Peace in 1984 and made two trips to El Salvador to give ongoing support for sustainability programs. She continues to be a witness for peace on the front lines of the Palestine/Israel war, working with Palestinian and Israeli peace activists.

A main focus for the last several years has been the global justice movement; Starhawk has taken part in many of the major actions, including those in Seattle, Washington DC, Quebec City, Genoa, New York City, Cancun, Mexico, and Miami. She co-founded RANT: Root Activists’ Network of Trainers, and teaches non-violent direct action training for groups throughout the US, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Palestine, and South America.

She is active in the revived American peace movement, and works with Code Pink. Starhawk also works on countless environmental and land use issues, and is a founder and active member of the Cazadero Hills Land Use Council in western Sonoma County.

Starhawk is perhaps best known as an articulate voice in the revival of earth-based spirituality and Goddess religion. Besides her inspiring, much-read books, she is a co-founder of Reclaiming, an activist branch of modern Pagan religion, and continues to work closely with the Reclaiming community (www.reclaiming.org). She consulted on and contributed to a trio of popular films, the Women’s Spirituality series (directed by Donna Read).

Starhawk and Donna Read formed their own film company, Belili Productions. Their first release was Signs Out of Time (2004), a documentary on the life of archaeologist Marija Gimbutas, the scholar who made major discoveries about the Goddess cultures of Old Europe (www.belili.org).

Starhawk and Donna’s second documentary, Permaculture: The Growing Edge, came out in 2010. Starhawk has also made several short documentaries which can be found on YouTube: “The Spiral Dance Ritual,” “Reclaiming’s Spiral Dance: Three Decades of Magic,” “Permaculture in the City,” and “Permaculture Principles at Work.”

Starhawk travels internationally teaching magic, the tools of ritual, and the skills of activism. She lives part-time San Francisco, in a collective house with her partner and friends, and part-time in a little hut in the woods in Cazadero, California, where she practices permaculture in her extensive gardens, and writes. Her website is http://starhawk.org/.

In Earth Activist Training, which she and Penny Livingston-Stark developed and which she now teaches with Charles Williams, Pandora Thomas and others, many strands of her life work are braided together. This is the best opportunity for those who wish to do extended work with Starhawk.

Starhawk will teach at all the EAT courses.

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Charles Williams    
(PDC, Social, Facilitator courses)

Charles, a certified permaculture designer, comes to EAT through a love of the wild, faith that healthy communities can solve complex problems, and a belief that working with one’s hands is sacred work.

Over the past two decades he has stewarded many pieces of land throughout the United States, including Diana’s Grove in Missouri, Farm & Wilderness summer camp in Vermont, and Golden Rabbit Ranch in California. His approach simultaneously promotes both preservation of wild spaces and conservation of the domestic. His deep respect for and relationship with the divine in nature informs all he does, integrating spiritual practices with land management. Charles also understands the need for healthy community and knows that skilled human implementation is an essential part of any design. In these challenging times, he finds hope for the future through the interlocking, symbiotic relationship of spirit, community, and action.

Charles is a talented facilitator and conflict mediator. He has worked with many groups, from mass mobilization meetings with over 100 people to a handful of people working for progressive organizations, from Quaker-style Unity to anarchist-style consensus, from inexperienced teens to highly trained professionals. Through a rough and rugged process he has gained an eye for what helps build community and support.

As an accomplished tinkerer Charles brings a wide range of practical and somewhat obscure hand skills. He has installed complex systems such as solar electric arrays, gray water filters, and veggie oil diesel conversions. He has implemented simple systems such as emergency water filtration, humanure composting toilets, and rotational grazing plans. He is talented in wilderness tracking, solo canoeing, gathering and tending wild edibles, starting fire by hand, and mapping. He loves to work with his hands, whether he is tanning hides or repairing a generator, and this love is reflected when he teaches EAT’s hands-on segments.

Charles believes that no problems are unsolvable as long as we work together to develop and implement our plan effectively and honor the holy in our work.

Pandora Thomas
(PDC, Social, Facilitator, Teacher Training courses)

Pandora Thomas is a passionate global citizen who works as a teacher, writer, designer and speaker.

She studied at Columbia and Tufts University and with several permaculture and greenbuilding design programs.
Her writing includes a children’s book, various curricula and a manual entitled “Shades of Green” for individuals wanting to teach green building to youth.

She has keynoted and lectured on topics ranging from diversity, social justice, youth and women’s leadership, social entrepreneurship and sustainability.

She has taught groups as diverse as Iraqi and Indonesian youth to men serving in San Quentin creating inspiring and hands on programs around permaculture design, sustainability, and outdoor and environmental education.

Pandora co-founded Earthseed Consulting LLC, a holistic consulting firm whose work expands the opportunities for sustainable living for diverse communities.

Her most recent projects include co-founding the Black Permaculture Network, working with Toyota to design and currently serving as a coalition member of the Toyota Green Initiative, which supports African Americans in understanding the benefits of adopting sustainable lifestyles and co-designing, teaching with and directing Pathways to Resilience: a permaculture and social entrepreneur training program that worked with men and women returning home after incarceration.

She has studied four languages and lived and worked in over twelve countries and her other achievements include presenting at TedX Denver and SF, and being awarded internships and fellowships to Columbia University, Green For All, the Bronx Zoo and the Applied Research Center.
When she is not working you can find her spending time with her beloved mother and cats or in the redwoods.

Watch an interview with Pandora here. Here is another video featuring Pandora speaking about her approach to Permaculture.

Alfred Decker  (PDC Europe)

Alfred Decker is an award-winning permaculture designer and one of Europe’s leading permaculture educators. Since his first PDC in 1998 in California, Alfred has been involved with social movements and projects throughout Europe and the Americas. He is the founder of the 12 Principles Permaculture Design consultancy, Permacultura Barcelona and the Forest Gardens project at Can Masdeu; is a co-founder of the Spanish Permaculture Academy (Academia de Permacultura Íbera); and was a member of the European Permaculture Teachers Partnership and the Permaculture Council of Europe.  Alfred holds a post graduate diploma in sustainable architecture and renewable energy (Centre for Alternative Technology).
After taking a permaculture teachers training with Rosemary Morrow in 2011, he undertook a two year mentorship and later co-taught six courses with her, ultimately earning a Diploma in Permaculture Education & Community Development in 2013 through the Blue Mountains Permaculture Institute (Australia). Committed to furthering the teachers’ training platform “Permaculture Teaching Matters” (PTM) that Rosemary developed in over three decades of teaching experience around the world, Alfred co-edited her forthcoming PTM manual and organised a successful crowdfunding campaign to develop the platform.
Alfred currently lives in with his partner Daniella Querol on a smallholding in the Montnegre i el Corredor Natural Park north of Barcelona, Spain, where they are creating a permaculture demonstration site and educational project called Can Comú. In the coastal mountains of Montnegre, Alfred is the co-director of the community biochar project Montbio, which won a 2017 Lush Spring Prize for Social and Environmental Regeneration.

ALERT:: Earth Activist Training is joining Alfred in Germany in 2019! 

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Lindsay Dailey (Restoration Intensive 2020)

Lindsay Dailey (she / her) is a permaculture educator and consultant that has devoted her practice to tending zone 4 and the edge of the wild. She has been a student of California indigenous land management, and is particularly passionate about working with prescribed fire as a healing tool in the landscape. Lindsay works with private and tribal landowners to develop and implement wildlands management plan with a lens of regenerative reciprocity that improve ecological conditions of the land while deepening our connection to the natural world. She also develops and teaches curriculum that weaves together restoration ecology, traditional ecological knowledge, deep nature connection, and the making of beauty with materials from the wild. The co-founder of the Oak Granary, and former Wildlands Program Director of the Occidental Arts & Ecology Center, she is currently the Ecosystem Restoration Program Director at New Paradigm College.

Europa Grace

(Social Permaculture Fellow)

Europa is a black, queer performance artist, group facilitator, and yoga instructor based in San Francisco.

Lisa DePiano  (Teacher Training)

Lisa DePiano is a certified permaculture designer, teacher and practitioner with over 15 years of experience. She is a lecturer in Sustainable Agriculture  at the University of Massachusetts and a research fellow at the MIT media lab.  She runs the Mobile Design Lab which specializes in participatory permaculture design and education and is author of Permaculture FEAST principles flash cards.

For over a decade she has taught permaculture to hundreds of students in dozens of courses in the United States and abroad, including the Permaculture Women’s Teacher Training. She runs the Mobile Design Lab which specializes in participatory permaculture design and installation and serves as a board member for the Permaculture Institute of the Northeast. Her public permaculture installations include the grey water system at Occupy Wall Street and the Lee Street Forest Garden in Cambridge.

Lisa co-founded the Western MA Permaculture guild in 2002 where she helped to develop the thriving permaculture network that helped to build many demonstration sites including, Paradise Lot.  She started her formal teaching in 2003 when she apprentice taught with Dave Jacke and Jono Neiger during their 3-week Permaculture design course. She went on to get her teaching certificate from Kat Steele and Benjamin Farrer in 2008. Making permaculture more accessible is a main motivation so she went on to design and run permaculture short courses first out of the public library and later at the Northampton Community Resource Center she co-founded and  at the Montview Neighborhood Farm, a 3 acre permaculture CSA and Food Forest on public land, she co-founded in 2004.

Since 2008 she has been a regular Instructor at the Yestermorrow Design Build school where she developed a weekend and week long edible forest gardens class with Jonathan Bates of Food Forest Farm, a weekend and week long Permaculture for Regional Planning with Andrew Faust,  a week long Pemaculture Site Analysis course as part of a team of architects and engineers 3-week core curriculum for the Ecological Design certificate with Mark Krawczyk and a week long Farm Design course with Buzz Ferver and Jesse Selman. She has also been a regular guest teacher of the PDC there with Andrew Faust and Keith Morris.

In 2010 she co-created Permaculture FEAST a weekend based PDC that centers Social Permaculture with Jonathan Bates, Javiera Benavente and Abrah Dresdale again with the intention of making pemaculture more accessible and relevant to different communities.

She is a regular instructor at RUST with Scott Kellogg and with Andrew Faust and the Center for Bioregional Living.

Annie-Rose London 

(Social Permaculture Fellow)

Annie-Rose London is a social artist who seeks to create raucous experiences of joy and pleasure to counteract systems of oppressive mind control. She draws together the fields of ecological design, community arts, and social justice through facilitation and performance. Her earnest irreverence is inherited from a lineage of Jewish and Queer healers. She has called herself a performance artist, a clown, a ritualist, an educator, an activist – today she calls herself happy to meet you. She has served as the executive director of Berrett-Koehler Foundation and currently facilitates leadership development and creative practice in partnership with InterPlay, The Arts and Social Change Jam, and Earth Activist Training Social Permaculture Trainings.

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